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Applying for review of information

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) issues Senior Education Profiles (SEPs) to eligible students each July and December. Your Senior Education Profile may contain the following:

  • Senior Statement – Issued to all students when they complete Year 12 at a Queensland school
  • Statement of Results – Issued to eligible non-school students
  • Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) – Awarded to eligible students in Queensland
  • Tertiary Entrance Statement – Issued to eligible students upon completion of Year 12 in Queensland
  • Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) – Issued to eligible students upon completion of Year 12 in Queensland. This certificate recognises achievements of students who have impairments or learning difficulties.

You may request review of information contained in your Tertiary Entrance Statement. When you receive your SEP you will receive an "Application for verification or review of information" form which is pre-printed with your name and address for this purpose. Your request must be accompanied by a cheque, money order or credit card details for the application fee noted on this form (inclusive of GST). All requests must reach the QCAA by the due date.

Do not complete and send in this form – it is a sample form only. Use the one you received with your SEP which is pre-printed with your name and address. If you require a new form, email

This form is also used for verifying information on other SEP certificates or statements.

Review of information procedures

The QCAA has produced a series of publications that explain the tertiary entrance process. QCAA's review procedures are outlined in section 4 of QCAA's publication Guideline for determining Overall Positions (OPs) and Field Positions (FPs).

Under the Judicial Review Act 1991, a person dissatisfied with the decision on their application for review of information can apply for a judicial review of the decision by the Supreme Court.

Levels of achievement and subject achievement indicators (SAIs)

Schools are responsible for awarding levels of achievement and SAIs. Students should contact their school if they believe there has been a mistake in their results.

Students who believe they may be entitled to special consideration should apply to their school as early as possible, before they complete their studies. For more information see Special provisions for senior assessment.

The QCAA cannot make any adjustments to students' SAIs or levels of achievement unless advised by the school that the information supplied was incorrect.

Students who have experienced a situation that has affected their school or academic results may apply for special consideration to the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

Overall Positions (OPs) and Field Positions (FPs)

Calculations of OPs and FPs are the responsibility of the QCAA.

Students may apply for review of their OP or FPs using the procedure outlined above.

The QCAA will check that the input data to the calculations are correct by asking the principal of the student's school to arrange a check of all of the student's achievement information, whether or not the information was used as input for OP calculations.

Students will be notified of the outcome of their application and provided with a statement of reasons for decisions made. If there is any change to results, we will send a new Tertiary Entrance Statement, refund the application fee, and inform QTAC of the change.


Schools can appeal to the QCAA’s Scaling Anomalies Committee if they believe that there are special circumstances that mean the usual scaling procedures may disadvantage their students. This should be done as early as possible to ensure issues are considered by this committee before OPs are calculated.

Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test

The QCAA does not re-mark QCS Tests because all papers are independently marked at least twice.

Students with a recognised long-term condition that might seriously affect their results on the QCS Test can apply for variations to test conditions or for exemption from sitting the test. Provisions may also be made for students who are absent on the day of the test, or for those who, because of special circumstances, wish to have a test grade declared null and void.

For full details, deadlines and application forms, visit the Special provisions for the QCS Test page.

More information

To find out more about review procedures, email

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