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Information for Year 12 secondary school students

The following information is about implementation of General (Senior External Examination (SEE)) subjects in 2024.

For information about external assessment in mainstream General and General (Extension) subjects, please visit the Senior secondary section.


Year 12 students are eligible to enrol in a General (Senior External Examination (SEE)) subject if they are unable to study the subject at their secondary school. Typically, this is because the subject is not taught at their school or cannot be studied because of a timetable clash.

Eligible Year 12 students can sit a maximum of two SEE subject examinations during their Year 12 year of schooling.


Tuition must be obtained in SEE subjects. Students must discuss their plans with school staff at the start of the year, so tuition can be arranged. Tuition may be available from their secondary school, a teaching centre, an ethnic school or a private tutor.


Schools must register all students who want to enrol in General (Senior External Examination (SEE)) subjects, before the closing date.

Closing date: 30 April 2024

Registrations will close on Sunday 30 April 2024. Registrations received after this date will not be accepted unless there is an unforeseen situation, which is beyond the student’s control, that stopped them from registering by the closing date.

Any late registration request must be made by the principal or principal’s delegate, and the reasons for the request must be explained. The request may be granted if there is sufficient time for relevant units across the QCAA to meet timelines for external assessment and examinations. If a late registration is accepted, an additional fee is incurred by the student.

Registration fee: $73.46 per subject

Late registration fee: $120.05 per subject

Schools collect the students' fees, and pay to the QCAA on invoice. If payment is not received by the closing date, student enrolments will be cancelled.

Registration form

Confirmation of registration

Once registration is approved, the QCAA will enrol students in the subject in the Student Management application. As the main learning provider (MLP), a school will be able to see the enrolment in Student Management. A list of registered students will also be emailed to each school in June.

Students will be able to see their subject enrolment in their learning account in the Student Portal on the myQCE website after registrations are processed.

Refunds for withdrawing from General (Senior External Examination (SEE)) subject registrations

A student may withdraw their registration for a General (Senior External Examination (SEE)) subject at any time. The QCAA will refund the fees paid, less an administration fee. The closing date for refunds is 29 May 2024. Fees will not be refunded for withdrawals made after this date. To withdraw registration, email


2024 examination results will be included with school results available on Friday 13 December.

Examination results may contribute to the calculation of ATARs. A grade of C or better in a General (Senior External Examination (SEE)) subject provides the equivalent of four credits towards a QCE.

More information

For more information or to update your details, email

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