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Continuity of curriculum and pedagogies

The following resources support school staff to make informed professional decisions to support continuity of curriculum and pedagogies for children's successful transition to school.

Teachers have a leadership role in supporting successful transitions and building on children's prior learning. This process is multifaceted and requires professional decisions for each child and their learning.

Successful transition to school for all children requires:

  • partners in transition to define transition approaches
  • continuity of curriculum and pedagogies across educational contexts.

Teacher decision-making

This resource identifies considerations for early years teachers when making decisions about Prep learners, planning, curriculum and pedagogies.

Curriculum connections

It is important that teachers know and understand children's different learning experiences prior to Prep. The following video examples show curriculum connections between Kindergarten and Prep:

Features of early years pedagogies

In the early years, teachers use a range and balance of pedagogies, which share some common features.

Characteristics of learners in the early years

Learners in the early years share characteristics that should be considered when making decisions about their learning. The following resources provide opportunities for teachers to reflect on these characteristics as part of their planning, professional conversations and classroom practices.


Reflecting on practices

This resource provides a tool for teachers and curriculum leaders to focus on the characteristics of early years learners when making decisions about teaching, learning and assessment in their school and classroom contexts.

Reflective cards

This resource provides a tool for teachers and curriculum leaders to consider reflective questions about the characteristics of early years learners. They can be used as prompts for professional reflection and conversations.

Classroom posters

These posters provide a classroom display resource as a prompt for teachers for discussion with colleagues and parents. These posters can be printed on A3 or A4.

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