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QSA reports and papers

Review of Queensland's Overall Position calculations

This report by George Cooney, was updated in September 2014.

A review of aspects of the Queensland Core Skills Test

An independent review of the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test was conducted to ascertain the ongoing relevance of the test and its capability to act as a statistical scaling device in the calculation of Overall Positions (OPs) and Field Positions (FPs). The evaluation also considered the design criteria and the administration procedures for the test.

Enterprising Minds, a consortium of external consultants, was engaged to conduct the review. The final report, A Review of Aspects of the Queensland Core Skills Test, was presented in February 2012.

In summary, the review finds that the test itself is of high quality due to its design criteria, the care and expertise of those involved and the disciplined procedures used in its development. The administrative procedures are well established and run smoothly and effectively. The marking processes are thorough, carefully applied and well monitored.

The review team is of the view that overall the QCS Test continues to perform well the functions for which it was designed and introduced. The recommendations in the report are designed to enhance and further improve the test instrument and its administration, and extend its viability and effectiveness as a scaling instrument well into the future.

How schools prepare students for the Queensland Core Skills Test

This report provides the results of a survey of what schools commonly do to prepare students for the QCS Test. It also analyses school performance data to see what kinds of preparation yield better performance on the test.

Review of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

A periodic review of the QCE was conducted by an external consultant, Mr Norm Hunter in 2011. The report, The QCE and the three Rs: Relevance, rigour and reputation outlines the findings and recommendations of this review.

The role of inquiry in senior secondary science

Using the curriculum planning framework Understanding by Design (Wiggins & McTighe 2005), this paper asks, What do we value in senior secondary science education in Queensland? How do we achieve it?

Development of a set of principles to guide a P–12 syllabus framework

This paper discusses the technical form of syllabus documents that contribute to "high quality, high equity" educational outcomes. It presents compelling evidence that the technical form can, when properly supported, set the school and classroom conditions for improving outcomes for all students.

Strategies for authenticating student work for learning and assessment

It is essential that teachers base their judgments on accurate and authentic assessment information when determining students' achievements. This paper contains strategies to help teachers confirm the authorship of student work.

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