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Kindergarten Transition Statement application: School FAQs

QCAA Portal access

The Department of Education requires kindergarten services to use the QCAA-developed transition statement resources to create transition statements. With parent/carer consent, a kindergarten service can create a child’s transition statement using the Kindergarten Transition Statement (KTS) application in the QCAA Portal. Or, if consent has not been provided, services use the kindergarten transition statement template available from the QCAA website.

You should use the most up-to-date version of one of the browsers listed below.

  • Chrome 42+
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
  • Firefox 37+
  • Safari 8+.

Using these supported browsers enables the QCAA Portal and all KTS application functions to operate efficiently. Please refer to the QCAA Portal technical help page for more information.

Schools must complete an Access Management Organisation Administrator request form to gain administrator access to the QCAA Portal.

The organisation administrators then manage QCAA Portal access for staff at their school. This includes both logging in to the QCAA Portal itself, and access to the specific applications they need to use within the secure portal environment, such as the Kindergarten Transition Statement (KTS) application.

If your school does not have an Access Management Organisation Administrator, please submit the Access Management Organisation Administrator request form to nominate staff for this role.

Access Management Organisation Administrators are the individuals authorised by the school principal to manage staff access to the QCAA Portal for their school.

Each school should have at least two, because an organisation administrator cannot maintain their own account (e.g. they cannot assign roles to themselves). Also, having two or more organisation administrators ensures coverage when one is on leave.

It is the organisation administrators who assign teachers the Kindergarten Viewer role.

Each organisation administrator can:

  • create new accounts for staff members
  • approve and deny pending account requests from staff who self-register
  • maintain application access for staff with an account.

Further information can be found at About the QCAA Portal.

Step-by-step guides for users, which provide instructions for how to perform organisation administrator tasks, are available in the QCAA Portal. To access a guide, log in to the QCAA Portal, click Help, expand the Access Management information, then select the relevant guide.

The KTS application is open all year so organisation administrators can maintain up-to-date accounts and access for their staff. Transition statements will be completed by kindergarten services during November, and will be available for schools by December of each year.

The Kindergarten Viewer role allows school staff to access the Kindergarten Transition Statement (KTS) application within the QCAA Portal to find the transition statements of children enrolled to attend Prep at their school.

The Kindergarten Viewer role is assigned to the appropriate people by the organisation administrators.

Log in to the QCAA Portal. Staff assigned the Kindergarten Viewer role will see the KTS application located under My applications.

If you cannot see it, you need to discuss access with your organisation administrator.

Passwords can be reset on the QCAA Portal login page by selecting reset your password. You can also email Client Services at or phone (07) 3864 0299.

Transition statements

Kindergarten services are required to complete a transition statement in November for each eligible child in an approved kindergarten program.

Transition statements are only compulsory for children who attend a Queensland government approved kindergarten program for at least 15 hours per week.

Staff with the Kindergarten Viewer role can log in to the QCAA Portal and open the KTS application, by clicking on its tile. They can then:

  1. Click the Statements tab to view and download all transition statements assigned to the school.
  2. Click the Search tab to manually search for and download individual transition statements for children enrolled to attend Prep at their school.

Your school’s Access Management Organisation Administrators can assign you the Kindergarten Viewer role.

First, check the cohort drop-down box on the right-hand side of the screen and ensure the year displayed is the year the child attended kindergarten. Use the drop-down menu to select a cohort year.

No available statements may also mean that:

  • kindergartens have not yet submitted their statements
  • kindergartens did not receive parent/carer consent to share transition statements
  • parents/carers did not identify the school their child would attend.

You can try using the manual search to locate statements or talk with kindergartens and parents/carers about the status of the transition statements.

School staff assigned the role of Kindergarten Viewer will need all the following details to manually search for individual transition statements for children enrolled to attend Prep at their school:

  • kindergarten service name — the KTS application will provide a drop-down list of QCAA Portal registered kindergarten services to match what is typed
  • child’s given name — as it appears on the child’s birth certificate (where it may be called Christian or other name)
  • child’s family name — as it appears on the child’s birth certificate (where it may be called surname)
  • child's date of birth.

Kindergarten services can only create a transition statement in the QCAA Portal if the child’s parent/carer has provided consent to do so.

If consent is not provided to use the KTS application in the QCAA Portal, kindergartens will use a QCAA Word template. The resulting document can, with parent/carer consent, be sent to schools by the kindergarten service.

Transition statements not created in the QCAA Portal can be sent as a hardcopy to schools, with parent/carer consent.

If a parent/carer does not provide consent for the kindergarten service to share their child's transition statement, it is the responsibility of a parent/carer to share a transition statement with the school.

'Not available' means a transition statement has been created in the KTS application but the parent/carer has not provided consent to share the statement with the child's new school. Schools can contact the parent/carer for a copy of the statement.


Parents/carers decide whether they would like their child's transition statement to be shared with the school.

Kindergarten services are responsible for obtaining consent from a parent/carer to share transition statements with schools. Services will retain the consent form for their records.

If a PDF does not open when you click 'View', it may be that PDF generation is blocked on your device. You can try the following tips to resolve this:

  • check you are using a browser or device that supports QCAA Portal access. You can check this on the QCAA Portal landing page
  • disable pop-up blockers
  • clear your cache
  • change browser settings to open PDFs through Adobe rather than the browser.

Enrolment and attendance information provides background context for understanding children's learning, development and participation in the kindergarten program to support their transition to school.


Parent/carer and child contributions are recorded by the teacher in the Suggestions for continuity section of the transition statement.

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