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NAPLAN test reporting and analysis

2023 NAPLAN reports

The 2023 NAPLAN schools reports have been released to schools. For information on how schools can access these reports and the release of individual student reports, view memo 041/23 (PDF, 208.0 KB).

Individual student reports

The QCAA prints individual student reports (ISRs) for students who participate in NAPLAN tests. These reports are sent directly to schools for distribution to parents/carers in Term 3.

Proficiency standards

In 2023, the ISRs will report student results using the new proficiency standards. Further information on proficiency standards, including the proficiency level descriptions, are available on the National Assessment Program website.

ACARA has also released the following resources to support parents, carers and schools.

Checking and distributing NAPLAN reports

School reports

Preparing for the release of school reports

The Student and school summary report (SSSR) and NAPLAN school reports are expected to be available to download in Term 3, 2023.

Schools may wish to check the following in preparation for the release of reports:

  • Ensure the principal (or delegate) has the NAPLAN 2023 environment – School PIN that is required to extract the SSSR. This is available from the QCAA Portal in the fileShare application, under the Reporting files tab.
  • If there has been a change in leadership, check they can access the Reporting files tab in the fileShare application to access and download reports. Refer to QCAA Portal for NAPLAN webpage for instructions.

Student and school summary report

Principals will be able to access their School and student summary report (SSSR) via the Online National Assessment Platform.

NAPLAN school reports

The QCAA will also release school reports via the fileShare application tile in the QCAA Portal.

The NAPLAN school report provides schools with the following additional information:

  • students’ proficiency standards
  • students’ scaled scores and state means.

Understanding NAPLAN reports

The National Assessment Platform (NAP) website contains detailed information about NAPLAN results, reports and how to interpret these.

Accessing replacement reports and additional copies

Current year – 2023

All schools will be able to download an additional copy of a student report later in 2023 if a parent/carer other than the primary carer requests a copy. To do this:

  • log into QCAA Portal
  • select the fileShare application tile
  • select Reporting files from the menu area
  • select View to download the required files.

State schools can download student reports for the current year through OneSchool.

Previous years

Principals can request a copy of a student report for a previous NAPLAN year:

  • Email and request an additional copy of a NAPLAN student report. Include the following details for each student requiring an additional report:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Date of birth
    • Year level at time of test
    • Year of test(s)
    • Ensure the principal's name, position, school and contact details are included.
  • Within 7 days, the requested file will be available to download in the Reporting tab in the fileShare application.
  • Schools will have two weeks to download the student report (from the date of QCAA uploading) before the file is removed.

Visit QCAA Portal for NAPLAN for information on fileShare access.

Note: The QCAA directly issues reports, including replacement reports to schools which then release to parents/carers.


School principals may request NAPLAN data sets from previous years by emailing Include the data year/s (i.e. 2021), and year level/s (i.e. Years 3 and 5) required. The QCAA will arrange the SSSR (online years) and class report to be available to download from the fileShare application in the QCAA Portal.

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