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Information for adult students (candidates)

The following information is about implementation of General (Senior External Examination (SEE)) subjects in 2024.

For information about external assessment in mainstream General and General (Extension) subjects, please visit the Senior secondary section.


Students who will be 17 years or older at the end of 2024

There are two categories of these students, who are referred to as candidates. Both groups of candidates must not be enrolled in a Queensland secondary school. These groups are:

  1. candidates who have finished the year 12 year of schooling and have obtained a
    • Senior statement or Statement of results; and/or
    • Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).
  2. candidates who have not finished the Year 12 year of schooling and have not obtained a
    • Senior Statement
    • Statement of Results
    • Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Students who will be less than 17 years old at the end of 2024

These students must apply to establish their eligibility. There will be a process to establish eligibility as part of registration. If eligible, students may register for a maximum of three General (Senior External Examination) subjects in one year.

These students will not be eligible if they:

  • are enrolled in a Queensland secondary school
  • have completed Year 12
  • hold a QCE or Senior Statement.

Eligibility and possible AARA

Access arrangement and reasonable adjustments (AARA) are provided to minimise, as much as possible, barriers for a student whose disability, impairment, medical condition or other circumstances may affect their ability to read, respond to or participate in assessment.

The closing date for applications from registered Senior External Examination (SEE) candidates seeking AARA is 23 August 2024.

Information about AARA can be found on the AARA webpages and in the Senior Education Profile calendar.

Students at a teaching centre should discuss AARA arrangements with that centre.


Adult students can sit examinations without tuition but it is not recommended. Students can enrol at a teaching centre or an ethnic school, study with a private tutor or study independently.

For tuition enquiries, contact:


Adult student registration will open early February.

Registrations close: 30 June. The fee is $73.46 per subject.

Registrations received after 30 June will not be accepted unless there are exceptional circumstances. Adult’s students are required to email to explain reasons for the QCAA to consider the late registration.

If a late registration is accepted, the fee will be $120.05 per subject.

To register, complete the Registration form for adults sitting the Senior External Examination.

Refunds for withdrawing from General (SEE) subject registrations

A candidate may withdraw their registration for a General  (SEE) subject at any time. The QCAA will refund the fees paid, less an administration fee. The closing date for refunds is 29 July 2024. Fees will not be refunded for withdrawals made after this date. To withdraw registration, email .

Examination venue for independent adult students (candidates)

Adult/independent SEE students (candidates) who are not studying with a main learning provider (MLP), must arrange and pay for an approved examination venue.


Candidates are responsible for all costs associated with the examination venue. The QCAA will invoice students for these costs, which must be paid before sitting the first Senior External Examination.

Costs typically include:

  • venue hire
  • courier
  • supervisor
  • administration.

Candidates do not pay the venue or supervisor directly.

Examination venue application

To book a non-MLP examination venue, adult/independent students (candidates) must submit the application form by 29 August 2024.

  1. Find a suitable venue: Adult/independent SEE candidates are responsible for finding a suitable venue to sit their examinations, such as a university, TAFE college or library. The QCAA is unable to provide venues or host students for examinations. Candidates must provide venue details at the time of registration; failure to provide this information could result in registration being cancelled.
  2. Find a suitable supervisor: Adult/independent SEE candidates are responsible for finding a suitable supervisor for their examinations. Before agreeing to supervise the candidate, the supervisor should be made aware of their duties and responsibilities available at Information for variation to venue supervisors.
  3. Complete the Variation to venue application form (DOCX, 214.4 KB) and email to before COB, 29 August 2024.

Note: The QCAA assesses each variation to venue application on its own merit and must be satisfied the venue and supervisor are suitable before approving the variation.

  1. The QCAA will advise you of the application’s outcome.


2023 results will be available on Friday 13 December 2024.

QTAC will allocate an ATAR for those applying for tertiary entrance in Queensland.

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