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Data management and USI procedures

Data management

School RTOs must maintain accurate VET student enrolment data in Student Management.

Implementing data management processes

Before you start delivering a VET qualification, you must:

  • enter the minimum number of competencies students must complete for a qualification, as identified in the TAS
  • ensure the start and end dates for each competency match the 'delivery period for this cohort or individual' stated in the TAS
  • ensure records include an interim outcome for each competency. Use the ‘continuing enrolment’ dropdown item in Student Management
  • inform the students that you will be collecting their personal information and reporting that information to the QCAA and other relevant VET administrators as required.

Maintaining accurate student enrolments

To ensure your school RTO data is accurate, you must:

  • record assessor outcomes in students’ profiles
  • quality assure students’ results before recording the results in Student Management
  • if a student completes or withdraws from a qualification, update their records immediately and issue any relevant certification within 30 calendar days
  • retain final student outcomes for 30 years. The records must be kept secure, but be accessible to authorised RTO officers.

Note: When a unit or qualification is superseded, your school RTO must enrol any affected students in the replacement unit or qualification before the end of the transition period as calculated using its mapping date in

Reporting quality indicators

School RTOs must also complete the Quality Indicator Report for the previous year's students. This includes:

  1. seeking feedback from students in the year prior to the Quality Indicator Report by adapting the Learner Questionnaire (PDF, 120 KB) to suit your students, e.g. by changing the language and having students complete the questionnaire online
  2. collating the feedback from the previous year's students
  3. completing the Quality Indicator Report template the QCAA VET team emails you
  4. submitting the Quality Indicator Report by email no later than 30 June.


School RTOs must verify each student’s Unique Student Identifier (USI) (which will be a mixture of 10 letters and numbers) and provide the verified USI to the QCAA before issuing any VET certification.

To ensure your school RTO complies with USI requirements, you must:

  1. advise each student on:
    • applying for a USI based on your school sector’s USI processes before the commencement of nationally recognised VET training
    • providing the school RTO with a verifiable USI
    • the consequences of not providing the school RTO with a verifiable USI (i.e. the RTO cannot issue AQF certification)
  2. upload each student’s USI to the QCAA's Student Management application before issuance of AQF certification
  3. ensure the security of each student's USI under the school RTOs control.

Note: If students do not obtain and supply school RTOs with USIs, you cannot issue students any AQF certification (Certificates or statements of attainment).

If you do not report students' verified USIs to the QCAA, the data will not be sent to the national USI Registry, added to the students' USI accounts, or make results available through the USI transcript service. Students may still be awarded any QCE credits due and the school RTO will not have met its legal requirements due to failing to report the USI.

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