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School RTOs must maintain a five-year validation plan that includes details of all qualifications the school RTO delivers. (Validation plan templates are available in the VET app in the QCAA Portal.)

To complete and/or update a validation plan:

  1. identify the qualifications to be validated
  2. identify the type of evidence-gathering and validation approach your school RTO will use, e.g. observation, direct questioning, product review, third-party reporting, or a combination of these methods
  3. engage a validator or team of validators (as outlined in Section 9 of the TAS) who
  4. give the validator/s the tools they will need to validate the qualification
    • the TAS
    • the assessment activity, including
      • context and conditions
      • the task/s the students will need to complete
      • details of the evidence the RTO will gather from, and use to assess, students
      • mapping documents
      • student profiles
  5. analyse, take in, and document any relevant validator recommendations
  6. update the validation plan.
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