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Add a qualification

To apply to add a qualification:

  1. check packaging rules of qualification on
  2. complete a TAS document and Trainer and assessor profile for the qualification you plan to add to your school’s scope of registration. Save the completed documents in an easily accessible location.
  3. check that your school RTO can provide verifiable evidence of having the following, if required
  4. log in to the QCAA Portal
  5. complete an ‘Add qualification’ activity, in the VET app, including uploading the saved, completed TAS document.

    A QCAA officer will be assigned to review the application. The officer:
    • will assess the application based on AQF level and risk level
    • may request clarification of provided information
    • may request a document review depending on the AQF level and risk level
    • will request a desk review for qualification/s that are AQF Level 3 and above
    • will make a recommendation about whether to approve or reject the application.

    You will be notified via the VET app that your application has either been:

    • approved, including the date it will be added to the scope of registration. You can start advertising the qualification and enrolling students after this date
    • rejected, with reasons for rejecting the application.

Once you receive notification that the qualification has been added to scope:

  1. review the 'offered' box in the VET app for each of the qualification’s units
  2. tick the 'offered' box for all units listed in the TAS document.

Note: Units without a tick in the ‘offered’ box will not be available for student enrolment.

Note: It can take up to 90 calendar days to approve a qualification application, and schools can only advertise and deliver approved qualifications. (It is unlawful to advertise or promote a national vocational qualification or unit of competency that is not on your scope of registration.) School RTOs should apply to add a qualification at least six months before they plan to deliver the qualification.

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