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QCIA registration and learning accounts

Queensland law requires young people to be ‘earning or learning’ until they turn 17. Young Queenslanders must be registered with the QCAA during Year 10, or in the 12 months before they turn 16, whichever comes first.

Learning providers document young people’s learning through learning accounts.

Creating learning accounts

Learning providers create students’ learning accounts through the QCAA’s Student Management application. They create the learning accounts when young people are in Year 10 or turning 16, whichever comes first. Generally, schools register young people in Year 10.

Young people who have transferred from other states or overseas can be registered for a learning account after completing Year 10 or turning 16 years of age.

The Director-General, Department of Education (DoE), can open accounts for students registered with the Home Education Unit, and in certain other situations.

Registering students for a QCIA means that their intended learning option (ILO) is the QCIA. See Section 3 of the QCE and QCIA policy and procedures handbook.

Accessing learning accounts

Year 10, 11 and 12 students can access their learning account to view their progress in any QCE-contributing studies that they are enrolled in, and check their results through the myQCE website.

Students completing Year 12 may access their Senior Education Profile (SEP) via their learning account.

Students who have received a QCIA can continue to work towards a QCE after they have completed Year 12. Learning accounts remain open for nine years after opening.

More information

For more information about learning accounts, see Section 13.3.2 of the QCE and QCIA policy and procedures handbook.

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