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QCIA quality assurance processes

QCIA students exiting in 2024 and 2025

QCIA quality assurance

To ensure that the Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) meets the Australasian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities (ACACA) principles, a number of quality assurance procedures need to occur. Peer moderation is the main process for ensuring the validity and reliability of Statements of Achievement and Statements of Participation. Moderation occurs in three phases:

  • online verification meeting in July
  • online state review meeting in October
  • pre-production checks in November (completed by QCAA officers).

Preparing for verification

The following presentation has been developed to support schools to record Statements of Achievement for the draft QCIA and compile a folio of evidence in preparation for the verification meeting:

View the SEP calendar for up-to-date information on QCIA dates.

Protocols for the verification and review meetings can be found in Section 3.4 of the QCE and QCIA policy and procedures handbook

Draft certificates

A QCIA must include at least one Statement of Achievement which are recorded in curriculum organisers. Statements are aligned to curriculum goals. There is a maximum of six Statements of Achievement for each curriculum organiser.

Schools develop the Statements of Achievement and Statements of Participation that will be recorded on a student’s QCIA. Statements are based on evidence collected about students’ achievement and participation in their senior phase of learning.

Schools record QCIA Statements of Achievement and Statements of Participation in the Student Management application.

Statements of Achievement:

  • record the highest level of demonstrated learning
  • are brief to ensure they fit on the one-page QCIA
  • follow the QCIA writing guidelines
  • do not duplicate QCE learning, Statements of Participation or Statements of Achievement recorded under another curriculum organiser.

Schools can use standard statements from the file below to draft certificates before QCIA verification.

Schools that write free-form Statements of Achievement must adhere to the writing guidelines below:

Schools select Statements of Participation from the list provided in the Student Management application. A maximum of eight Statements of Participation can be recorded.

More information

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