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Common internal assessment

A student’s exit result in an Applied subject is based on their achievement in four internal assessments in Units 3 and 4. For Essential English and Essential Mathematics, schools develop three of these assessments. The fourth is the common internal assessment (CIA) developed by the QCAA and marked by schools.

In 2024, the CIAs will be delivered in two phases in Term 2. Different versions of the CIA will be used across the phases. Teacher judgments about student responses to assessment in Essential English and Essential Mathematics will be reviewed at annual quality assurance meetings in Term 3.

Phase of delivery

Schools select their phase of delivery in the Student Management application (app) via the QCAA Portal. Principal’s delegates are responsible for ensuring their school has selected its phase of delivery.  As per memo 046/23 (PDF, 182.7 KB), if you selected phase 1 or 2 in the Student Management app for Essential English (2023-2024) or Essential Mathematics (2023-2024), you are registered for first phase of implementation. If you selected phase 3 or 4 in the Student Management app, you are registered for second phase of implementation. To check which phase was selected, go to Admin > Subject offerings in the Student Management app. The 2024 CIA paper will be made available to schools at the beginning of their nominated phase. Once available, the QCAA recommends administration in a three-week period that suits the school within the selected phase.  See the schedule below.

CIA phases of delivery 2024

PhaseTerm Materials available Start CIA phase Completed by
First phase Term 2,
Weeks 1–5
Monday 25 March Monday 15 April Friday 17 May
Second phase Term 2,
Weeks 6–10
Monday 13 May Monday 20 May Friday 21 June

The ancillary phase is only for flexible learning schools and students who require a comparable assessment based on the implementation of the school's assessment policy. Schools should notify the QCAA of any student who requires comparable assessment. See Section 2.1 and Section 6 of the GFA.

Ancillary phase Term 3,
Week 5–9
Tuesday 30 July Monday 5 August Friday 6 September

Schools should:

  • check that correct students have been  enrolled in Unit 3 and 4 of Essential English (2023–2024) and Essential Mathematics (2023–2024) (using the Student Management app in the QCAA Portal)
  • check which CIA phase they are registered  for (using the Student Management app in the QCAA Portal)
  • if any change to the  CIA phase should be required, urgently request approval for this from the  Quality Assurance Unit by emailing
  • ensure relevant staff are registered to use,  and know how to use, the fileShare app
  • notify the QCAA by the last Friday of their  nominated phase of any student who will need to sit a comparable assessment by  reporting a comparable assessment for IA2 via the AARA app in the QCAA Portal.

More information

For more information, view memo 046/23 (PDF, 182.7 KB).

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