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Amending an endorsed assessment

A school may wish to amend an endorsed assessment item before administering the summative internal assessment instrument. They can request amendments via the Endorsement application.

Lead endorsers review and approve amendment requests. Schools need to allow at least two weeks for the amendments to be reviewed and actioned.


  • Schools can only submit one application for amendment per assessment instrument. If an amended assessment instrument cannot be endorsed, the school is required to administer the endorsed summative internal assessment instrument.
  • Not all changes to an endorsed assessment instrument will require a request for amendment — some changes can be managed by schools. Please refer to information in the following table before submitting a request for amendment.
  • If an emergent issue arises, please contact for support.

What changes require a request for an amendment?

Type of changeProcess
Checkpoint dates Annotate the printed task sheet before distributing to students
Updated marking schemes Delete the obsolete marking scheme in the endorsement application, then upload the new marking scheme in the Attachments tab. (Editor, approver or submitter roles.)
Amendment request
Errors identified before the assessment is administered, e.g. typos, incorrect values

Complete the request for amendment and update the assessment instrument in the endorsement application.

Editors and approvers are able to make updates in the assessment template however only the submitter is able to lodge the request to QCAA for approval.

Fieldwork location or practicals completed
Formatting, e.g. poor layout or visibility
Task description
Text or performance
Topic or subject matter
Compromised assessment security or significant issues during the implementation of an assessment instrument Contact the Endorsement team T: 3864 0375 or E: for advice
Errors identified and corrected while the assessment is being administered, e.g. incorrect value is noted and corrected during an examination Students annotate their task sheet with the correct information and continue working. Contact the Endorsement team T: 3864 0375 or E: for post-implementation changes

When can a comparable assessment instrument be used instead of requesting an amendment?

A comparable assessment instrument is an alternative assessment instrument that is used when an endorsed assessment instrument cannot be used for individual or small groups of students within the cohort due to illness or misadventure or when managing a school-approved absence for an examination.

If a change is required for an assessment instrument being administered to an entire cohort, then an application for amendment is required.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Quality Assurance Unit on 07 3864 0375 or

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