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How results are reported to students

Results for all completed studies are recorded in a student’s learning account after schools and other learning providers report them to the QCAA and we are satisfied that they are final. This will be at the end of Year 12 for many studies, but there are some (e.g. VET, General and Applied subjects completed in Year 11) that may be available earlier.

Students can access their final subject results and Senior Education Profile (SEP) via their learning account in the Student Portal on the myQCE website.

General and General (Extension) subjects

Results for Unit 1 and/or Unit 2 in a General subject are reported as satisfactory (S), unsatisfactory (U) or, where applicable, not rated (NR). They are available in students’ learning accounts in May of the following year.

Results for Units 3 and 4 in General subjects are used to determine a student’s final subject result. Schools decide provisional marks for the three summative internal assessments students have completed. Schools then provide samples of student work to the QCAA for confirmation. Students should be aware that any provisional marks provided by schools are not final and are subject to change until the QCAA’s confirmation processes are concluded.

Once the QCAA has confirmed internal assessment results, we make them available to students via their learning accounts in the Student Portal.

Marks dependent on review outcomes may not be released at these times. They will be released to students as soon as the relevant review has been finalised.

The QCAA makes external assessment results available in students’ learning accounts in December.

The QCAA reports final subject results in General subjects as a mark between 0 and 100 and with an exit result (A–E).

Applied subjects

Results for Units 1 and 2 in Applied subjects are reported as satisfactory (S), unsatisfactory (U) or, where applicable, not rated (NR). They are available in students’ learning accounts in May of the following year.

A final result for Units 3 and 4 is posted to students' learning accounts in December. Final results in all Applied subjects are reported as an exit result (A–E).

Reporting at the end of a QCAA-developed course of study

Students who finish Year 12 will receive a Senior Statement, which is an official transcript of their results. The Senior Statement shows all QCE-contributing studies and the results achieved that may contribute to the award of a QCE. A Senior Statement is issued to students in December of the year they complete Year 12, along with the QCE if they are eligible.

The Statement of Results is the equivalent transcript for other school-age students or adult learners who become eligible for a QCE at another time. The Statement of Results shows all QCE-contributing studies and the results achieved that may contribute to the award of a QCE. A Statement of Results is issued to these students in July or December of the year they become eligible for a QCE.

The only difference between the two statements is that the Senior Statement is exclusively for students whose schools confirm they completed Year 12 in the year of issue.

QCAA recognises that many students complete learning at different paces. To ensure that students are aware of the final results they have been awarded in each subject and to enable them to request verification of an awarded result, QCAA provides a record of results at the end of each year in which a result is obtained for a QCAA-developed course of study. This is available via the Student Portal. For example, if a student completes Units 3 and 4 of a General subject at the end of Year 11, they can access a record of results in December that shows their result for the subject along with the results of any other studies they have completed.

The Senior Education Profile

Students are issued with a Senior Education Profile (SEP) when they finish Year 12 or become eligible for a QCE. This will be in December for finishing Year 12 students and in either July or December for non-Year 12 students. A SEP may contain the following:

  • Senior Statement — issued in December to all students when they complete Year 12 at a Queensland school
  • Statement of Results — issued in July or December to eligible students not completing Year 12
  • Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) — awarded to eligible students in Queensland
  • Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) — issued to eligible students upon completion of Year 12 in Queensland. This certificate recognises achievements of students who have impairments or learning difficulties.

Statements and certificates are issued electronically via a student’s learning account. Hard copies are printed if students select this option in their learning account. The QCAA posts the hard-copy certificate/s to the address listed in the learning account. The certificate/s are posted to students once applications for verification have been finalised (March after December completion, or September for mid-year completion).

Students can download the documents from their learning account and print them or provide them as PDFs to employers or further education providers.

The electronic versions include a digital signature and a unique validation code to confirm they are authentic. Third parties can also check their authenticity with the QCAA.

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