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Variation to venue: Information for hosting Queensland secondary schools


When a Queensland secondary school hosts a student who is unable to attend their main learning provider (MLP) for external assessment, the QCAA will:

  • advise the student’s name, LUI, timetable, assessments and access arrangements and reasonable adjustments (AARA) via the External Assessment (EA) application in the QCAA Portal
  • deliver required assessment materials to the venue.

The host school

The host school must:

  • acknowledge the variation to venue notification in the EA application in the QCAA Portal (an email notification is also sent to all EA coordinators and assistant EA coordinators; a variation to venue quick step is available via the Help menu in the EA application)
  • provide the student’s MLP with *
    • arrival times
    • assessment start times
    • venue information, e.g. a map
    • contact information — who the student should contact and when and how they should contact them
  • provide a secure, quiet space where the student can complete assessment (seat students from other MLPs together as a separate grouping from the school’s students)
  • follow the Directions for administration: External assessment for the student, including
    • checking material delivery and ensuring the security of assessment materials
    • managing the supervision of assessment, including for students approved varied seating, extra time, rest breaks or rescheduled assessment
    • checking student equipment and identification as they are admitted for assessment (photo ID is required if the student is not known)
    • completing all required administrative tasks (seating plan, temporary absence and AARA time record, incident record, attendance roll, material packing and return)
    • implementing approved AARA
  • liaise with the MLP if the student is impacted by illness or misadventure (an illness and misadventure application can only be submitted by the MLP).

*The Approved variation to venue for external assessment: Information for students template (DOCX, 63.3 KB) is available to assist in communicating venue information.


See responsibilities of MLPs when a variation to venue is approved.

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