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Extended experimental investigation (EEI): Inclined plane

This sample assessment instrument and indicative response have been compiled by the QCAA to help teachers plan, develop and implement assessment for individual school settings.

The instrument provides opportunities for students to demonstrate the following dimensions:

  • Knowledge and conceptual understanding
  • Investigative processes
  • Evaluating and concluding.

Assessment instrument

The indicative response illustrates a typical A standard in each of the EEI's three criteria. The response is accompanied by annotations indicating the qualities of the response that match to particular syllabus standards descriptors.

Planning and quality assurance

The instrument is also accompanied by an EEI planner and a ‘Tool for schools’ document that demonstrate the planning and quality assurance processes that supported the development of the instrument.

Other advice about EEIs

This extended experimental investigation is a development of an idea for an EEI included in the publication Extended experimental investigations: Ideas for EEIs. The information presented on this web page and in the 'Ideas for EEIs'  could be used as a starting point to develop further EEIs.

Last updated: 21 November 2014

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