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Year 12 students who are eligible for an Overall Position (OP) or equivalent OP (visa students) must sit the QCS Test. Students who are ineligible for an OP may choose to sit the test.

The QCAA recognises that some students are affected by a medical condition, an impairment, or exceptional circumstances that may act as a barrier to their access to the test or to their demonstration of their achievement in the test. We attempt to minimise such barriers by making special provision available. Please refer to the documentation requirements in the Special provision handbook.

Information for students

The 2016 QCS Test: Are you eligible for special provision?

Types of special provision available

There are four types of special provision, two before and two after the test dates.

Before the test

Before the test applications open on Monday 20 March 2017
Special provision Who may apply Closing date
Special arrangements are practical adjustments to the test conditions, e.g. restbreaks, A3-size test materials, computer.
  • OP-eligible students
  • OP-ineligible students
  • Private-entry candidates

Long-term impairments — applications close on Sunday 21 May 2017, unless the condition is diagnosed after this date.

Short-term impairments — do not submit an application before the category-specific dates shown on pages 9 to 20 of the Special provision handbook.

Exemption allows a student to be absent from the test and remain eligible for an OP.

Exemption will be considered where students are so severely affected by their impairment/circumstances that they will be unable to sit the test with the special arrangements that are available.

  • OP-eligible students

After the test

After the test applications open on Tuesday 29 August 2017 (Day 1 QCS Test)
Special provision Who may apply Closing date

Absentee exemption allows a student who was absent from the test to remain OP-eligible.

The absence must have been unforeseen and unavoidable.

  • OP-eligible students
Applications close on Thursday 5 October 2017.

Declaring a test grade null and void allows a student who sat the test to choose not to receive a test grade. OP-eligible students remain OP-eligible.

Students may apply if they believe that illness or exceptional circumstances significantly affected their performance during all or part of the test.

  • OP-eligible students
  • OP-ineligible students
  • Private-entry candidates

Effect of approved special provision

No record of special provision will appear on the student’s Senior Statement, Statement of Results or Statement of Achievement.

Special arrangements — the student will receive a test grade and will remain eligible for an OP and Field Positions (FPs), if applicable.

Exemption, absentee exemption, and declaring a test grade null and void — the student will not receive a test grade, but will remain eligible for an OP and FPs, if applicable. However, their OP and FPs, if applicable, will be calculated in the same way as for OP-eligible students who sat the test.

Applying for special provision

Applying through the school

Schools should make all students aware that special provision is available. Any student who believes they have a reason for applying may do so. Applications may be made through the school or directly to QCAA .

When assessing applications submitted by the school, we rely on the following information to help us make fair, equitable and reasonable decisions:

  • information provided by school staff about the impact of students’ impairments/circumstances
  • medical or other independent documentation.

How to submit an application

The school principal must arrange access to the QCAA’s restricted website for staff members who will be responsible for submitting applications.

To submit an application, log into the secure website and select Interactive Data Portal > Senior schooling > QCS Test > Special Provision > New application.

Applications open on 20 March 2017.

The following information and documentation is required when submitting an application:

  • reason for the application (see the Special provision handbook, pp 9-20)
  • medical or other independent documentation
  • student details including LUI, DOB and email address
  • school contact person
  • home contact person
  • any additional supporting information
  • student consent.

Applying directly to QCAA

A student may submit an application directly to QCAA if they have a reason for not wanting to submit their application through their school (e.g. if they have a medical condition they do not wish to disclose to school staff). In this case, the student or their parent/carer should phone (07) 3864 0227 for information and an application form.

More information

Email or phone (07) 3864 0227.

Last updated: 22 March 2017

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