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Advanced courses of study go beyond the scope and depth of what is considered senior schooling. They must be undertaken while the student is enrolled at a school to contribute towards the award of a QCE.

A maximum of 8 credits from Advanced courses can contribute towards the QCE. The following table summarises Advanced course options.

These courses are generally separate subjects to Authority and Authority-registered subjects.

Course Set standard Credits1

A maximum of 8 credits can contribute

One- or two-semester university subjects completed by a young person as part of a school program Pass grade one-semester subject, 2
two-semester subject, 4

VET Diplomas or Advanced Diploma courses undertaken by a person while enrolled at a school Competencies demonstrated up to 8
(1 per competency)
Recognised studies categorised as Advanced learning, including studies in categories:
  • awards and certificates
  • international learning programs
  • structured workplace and community learning programs
  • school-based courses (non-QCAA)
Agreed standard as recognised by QCAA

1Credits allocated for partially completed studies are detailed in Section 4.1 of the QCE handbook.

University subjects

University subjects completed by school students can contribute credits towards a QCE. One-semester courses count for 2 credits, and 2-semester courses count for 4 credits. The required standard of achievement is a grade of 4 on a 7-point scale, or a Pass grade.

These subjects are generally separate subjects to Authority and Authority-registered subjects. They commonly go beyond what would normally be considered the Senior Phase of Learning. A university subject taken in conjunction with an Authority or Authority-registered subject for credit towards a QCE should involve additional learning to the 55 hours per semester timetabled for QCAA subjects.

VET diplomas or advanced diplomas

Study towards a diploma or advanced diploma while enrolled at a school may contribute up to 8 credits towards a QCE. Each completed competency contributes 1 credit.

Recognised certificates and awards

Some certificates and awards in areas such as music, dance, drama, sport and community development can count as advanced courses of study towards the QCE. For information on course recognition and a list of recognised programs see Recognised studies.


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