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Performance assessment review reports

The QCAA’s performance assessment review report focuses on identifying areas negatively impacting students or the reputation of VET in the community. The report includes tables and items to identify areas where RTO practices must be improved in the short and medium terms.

Included in the report will also be minor deficiencies that will be discussed during the site visit or online conference with the agreement for the RTO to remedy these issues.

The following table sets out the core components of the performance assessment review report.




Table 1

Regulatory underpinning

Identifies which clauses from the Standards for RTOs need to be addressed through a return to compliance process.

Table 2

Student intelligence

Includes anonymised comments given by students interviewed during the site visit. Comments relate to their learning experience with the RTO and suggestions on making the experience even better.

Table 3

Staff interviews

Includes feedback provided by the principal, RTO manager and trainers and assessors as part of the performance assessment review process.

Item 1

Data management

Information and data confirming students are enrolled in appropriate training products, have been awarded and issued AQF certification due, and outcomes are accurately reported to the USI registry.

Item 2

RTO management practice area

Identifies areas of immediate concern with the RTO’s implementation or monitoring of one or more core practices.

Items 3.1 to 3.12

Assessment and training practices

Identifies non-compliance/s that may involve trainers and assessors, training and assessment strategies, assessment or validation practices for performance assessment review focus qualification/s.

Item 4

Risk intelligence

Explains the provider profile status.

Return to compliance

If return to compliance is required as part of the performance assessment review, you will have 20 working days from the date that the updated audit report is issued to provide additional or amended evidence to demonstrate full compliance. You will have one opportunity to provide the requested evidence. The assessor will provide advice on any return to compliance requirements.

Cooperating with the QCAA to achieve compliance with the Standards for RTOs is a condition for ongoing registration. If your RTO is unable to meet the standards within the agreed timeframes, this could directly affect registration.

Recommendation of sanctions

School RTOs that are deemed to have breached their conditions of registration and/or the standards for RTOs may receive recommendations of:

  • administrative sanctions
  • suspensions
  • cancellation.

Other investigations by QCAA may also result in a recommendation of sanctions, such as a substantiated complaint.

If a performance assessment review or investigation results in a recommendation of sanctions on the school RTO, a report must be handed to the national regulator, ASQA for a determination. Once investigated, ASQA will inform the QCAA of its findings and issue any required directives to the school RTO and QCAA to implement.

Note: ASQA requires all RTOs to cover all costs related to their regulatory work and investigations. These costs must be covered by the school RTO involved. The QCAA will not cover any costs related to ASQA investigations.

Refer to ASQA’s current fees and charges schedule.

In 2023 the current cost for performance monitoring charges are $250 per hour, with charges applied in 15 minute increments.

Feedback on the performance assessment review process

You will be required to provide mandatory feedback on the performance assessment review process. The QCAA will review this feedback and use it to improve the process and ensure consistency.

Appeal a decision

The QCAA will inform you of your appeal options when providing the performance assessment review decision.

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