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Explanatory notes for requesting a copy of a Queensland-issued certificate or statement

From 2020, Senior Education Profile (SEP) documents were issued in electronic format. Students can download them from their learning account in the Student Portal on the myQCE website.

The electronic documents are official — they include a digital signature and a unique validation code to confirm they are authentic. Printed copies can be authenticated via QR code or via the QCAA website.

If you elect to have a printed copy issued by QCAA , this is for your convenience only. QCAA issued copies are identical to the electronic documents in student learning accounts.

To obtain a copy of your results you must:

  • complete the online form
  • attach a certified copy of one form of identification
  • and pay the fee.

Acceptable forms of identification

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate or extract of a birth certificate
  • Adult proof of age card
  • Driver licence or learner licence.

Certifying your identification

Documents must be current, and copies must be certified as a true copy of the original by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or a Commissioner for Declarations.

You can also find JPs at major shopping centres, council libraries, court houses, banks, police stations, universities, hospitals and post offices.

Change of name

If your family name has changed since your certificate was issued, you will need to supply additional information as proof of your identity, e.g. a marriage certificate or name change certificate.

Important information

As your results are your personal business, the QCAA must take steps to be satisfied with the identity of the applicant.

  • Your results will not be made available to a person acting on your behalf.
  • Results will not be given orally.

Cost of application

The cost of each certified copy is $37.10.


Standard domestic postage is free, but there are additional charges for non-standard postage and overseas postage (subject to change by Australia Post):

  • Domestic Express Post ($10.25)
  • International standard (Airmail) ($12.30)
  • International Express Post ($38.00).

Certificates will be available for posting within seven working days following receipt of your correctly completed application.

Certificates held by the QCAA

  • Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) from 2008 onwards
  • Senior or Year 12 from 1973 to 2007
  • Junior or Year 10 from 1960 to 1995
  • Scholarship results from 1936 to 1962
  • Private Entry QCS Test results from 1992 onwards.

Statements held by the QCAA

  • Senior Statement from 2008 onwards
  • Statement of Results from 2008 onwards.

Senior Education Profiles (SEP) (awarded from 2008)

Each SEP (awarded from 2008) we issue includes (whichever is appropriate):

  • a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and/or
  • a copy of your Statement of Results and/or
  • a copy of your Senior Statement
  • and a Tertiary Entrance Statement (if eligible).

Senior Certificate (1973 to 2007)

Each Senior Certificate (1973 to 2007) we issue (except 1973 and external certificates) includes:

  • a copy of your Tertiary Entrance Statement which states your OP (if eligible). There is no extra charge for this statement.

Statements NOT held by the QCAA

For Senior Certificates before 1973 and Junior Certificates before 1960, please call Academic Records, University of Queensland (07) 3365 2600, then press ‘2’ for student enquiries.

To enquire about copies of Scholarship results before 1936, please contact Queensland State Archives on (07) 3131 7777. (Please quote A/16128 – A/16148).

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