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2.4 Recognised studies

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The QCAA recognises courses of study that represent a range of learning that may contribute to a QCE. An organisation may apply to the QCAA to have courses of study recognised and become a recognised study provider. When the QCAA recognises a course of study, it is classified into the Core, Preparatory or Complementary category of learning and assigned credit that may be eligible to contribute to the QCE when reported by a recognised study provider. The category of learning, and amount of credit a course may accrue, are determined by the QCAA.

Recognised studies are recorded on the Senior Statement and/or Statement of Results. Recognised study providers are responsible for registering, enrolling and reporting results for students to the QCAA.

Lists of recognised studies and QCE credit can be found at Lists of recognised studies.

2.4.1 Recognised study quality criteria

To be listed as a recognised study, an organisation and course must meet the recognised study quality criteria. See Recognised studies - applications for more information.

2.4.2 Application and review process

Organisations may apply to have a course of study recognised by the QCAA. For an organisation to have a course listed as a recognised study, which may be eligible to contribute credit to the QCE, they must demonstrate how the QCAA recognised study quality criteria are met, though an application process.

Information about becoming a provider of a recognised study is available under Recognised studies - applications.

Recognised study providers enter into a recognition agreement with the QCAA. A review process takes place as part of maintaining recognition.

2.4.3 Lists of recognised studies

The QCAA maintains lists of recognised studies, which outline information about providers and their courses.

For each provider of recognised studies, the following details are published:

  • provider name and contact details
  • possible levels of achievement
  • recognition agreement period
  • for each recognised study offered by that provider
    • name of the course of study
    • category of learning
    • required standard for credit to the QCE
    • QCE credit value
    • review date.

2.4.4 Appeals

Unsuccessful applications or renewals may be appealed. Contact the QCAA for more information on the appeal process.

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