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7.2 Assessment literacy

Assessment literacy is defined as the skills and knowledge teachers require to measure and support student learning through assessment. 2

Teachers who are assessment literate:

  • produce quality assessment
  • demonstrate the required knowledge and skills to validly and reliably assess students’ learning
  • apply standards/descriptions consistently to, and make judgments about, students’ learning/work
  • interpret and apply the feedback and data from assessment to improve teaching and learning.

Students who are assessment literate are able to:

  • understand the purpose of what they are doing
  • understand the basis on which judgments will be made
  • demonstrate this understanding through their engagement with assessment
  • reflect on feedback and apply it in the future.

2 Brookhart 2011 cited in C DeLuca, D LaPointe-McEwan & U Luhanga 2016, ‘Approaches to classroom assessment inventory: A new instrument to support teacher assessment literacy’, Educational Assessment, vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 248–266,

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