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8.3 Administering internal assessment

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When administering any internal assessment for any subject in any unit, schools must ensure that:

  • the correct instrument and relevant stimulus material are provided to each student
  • the response each student submits is their own work
  • academic integrity and the integrity of the assessment are maintained
  • appropriate conditions are implemented, and match the specified task requirements and syllabus requirements
  • principal-reported AARA are implemented appropriately, as approved by the QCAA or as reported to the QCAA by the principal.

For Applied (Essential), General and General (Extension) subjects with endorsed assessment, the endorsed instrument for that year must be the assessment administered to students.

8.3.1 Examination technique

When administering any internal assessment that is an examination technique or requires supervised conditions, schools must also ensure:

  • the security of the instrument and any related materials prior to administering the assessment
  • the assessment is administered under standard supervised assessment conditions
  • supervisors are aware of the arrangements for students with QCAA-approved or principal-reported AARA
  • supervisors are aware of their role and responsibilities for effective supervision
  • the integrity of the technique is maintained, e.g. unseen materials remain unseen until the examination and there is no access to teacher advice, guidance or feedback once the assessment begins.

Decisions about allocation of supervisors are made by schools. Teachers of the subject may supervise assessments and may be required to ensure that the correct materials are provided to students and the appropriate conditions are implemented.

In circumstances where assessment needs to be administered remotely (e.g. distance education), the school should ensure the examination is supervised by an independent supervisor who is not related to the student.

Common internal assessment (CIA)

Schools select their phase of delivery for the Common internal assessment (CIA) for Essential English and Essential Mathematics in the Student Management application via the QCAA Portal. Principal’s delegates have the responsibility to:

  • ensure their school has selected its phase of delivery
  • administer the CIA in the recommended time frame for the phase selected
  • ensure the school follows the specific guidelines set out in the Common internal assessment: Guidelines for administration, which will be made available to schools before Phase 1. Schools should download the latest version immediately before their chosen phase. For more information about administering the CIA, contact

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