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12.2 Principal’s delegate

The principal identifies an appropriate staff member to act as their delegate. The principal’s delegate:

  • is responsible for
    • developing and overseeing the school’s quality management system, including quality assurance processes within the school
    • meeting the requirements of the Senior secondary certification agreement
    • the total assessment program in the school
    • provision of information to the QCAA when and as required
    • communication between the QCAA and the school about quality assurance processes
    • maintenance of school records as required by the QCAA
    • performing the role of the QCIA leader or delegating this role to an appropriate staff member
  • ensures that administration of assessment and judgments of standards within the school are consistent with syllabuses and the procedures outlined in this handbook. To ensure this consistency, the principal’s delegate
    • informs subject leaders and teachers of their responsibilities as outlined in the relevant syllabuses and this handbook
    • communicates relevant information from the QCAA to appropriate staff about their responsibilities
  • ensures that subject leaders and teachers fulfil their responsibilities before the principal’s delegate provides information to the QCAA
  • uses information from quality assurance processes to inform and improve teaching, learning and assessment practices
  • informs the QCIA leader (if the role is delegated) and coordinator, and subject leaders and teachers, of their responsibilities regarding the QCIA — see Section 3: Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA).

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