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Planning: Using the Essential Learnings and Standards

Queensland schools will continue to plan, teach, assess and report on the Australian Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science and History and Geography. For information and resources to support Queensland schools with implementation, see P–10 Australian Curriculum in Queensland.

Teachers continue to use the Queensland Essential Learnings and Standards to plan, teach, assess and report on learning areas where the Australian Curriculum is not yet available for implementation.

The following resources support teachers in planning for using the Essential Learnings and Standards.

Planning across all key learning areas

Curriculum and assessment planning models

These three models provide different ways of recording and planning curriculum and assessment across a juncture. Examples show how the models could be used in various year levels.

Model A

Example of model use in a Years 1-3 setting

Model B

Example of model use in a Years 4-5 setting

Model C

Example of model use in a Years 6-7 setting

Curriculum planning and auditing templates

These templates can help your planning and auditing of curriculum and assessment, using the Essential Learnings.

Primary (Years 1–7)

Lower secondary (Years 8–9)

Unit planning

Professional development

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