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Year 2 Diagnostic Net parents and carers information

The Year 2 Diagnostic Net is a process of monitoring and reporting on children's development in aspects of literacy and numeracy. The process helps identify children who need additional support.

Teachers in Years 1-3 monitor children's progress using key indicators of learning and development. The indicators are grouped into phases of development, which reflect the typical learning patterns of young children.

Year 2 assessment

In Year 2, teachers validate their judgments about children's learning using specially designed assessment tasks to help identify those who need extra support. Normally, these tasks are only given to children who have been having difficulties in some aspects of literacy or numeracy.

The additional support provided by schools can range from modified learning programs in the classroom to individual tutoring.

Reports to parents and carers

A standard written report is sent to the parents or carers of children in Years 1–3 describing their child's development in numeracy and literacy. Following the written report, parents and/or carers are invited to discuss their child's progress with the teacher.


The following brochures provide information about the Year 2 Diagnostic Net and practical advice on how parents and carers can support children's literacy and numeracy development.

The parent information brochure is also available in languages other than English.


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