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The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority as delegate for the Australian Skills Quality Authority registers schools as training organisations.

All Queensland schools that are planning to deliver nationally recognised vocational qualifications to students enrolled in Years 10 to 12 must apply to the QCAA to become registered training organisations (RTOs) and meet the requirements of the VET Quality Framework and the Standards for RTOs 2015.

Schools must apply well in advance of the date they plan to start to advertise nationally recognised qualifications or accredited courses to students. Promoting or advertising a nationally recognised qualification or accredited course prior to successful registration is not permitted.

Application considerations

The Principal delegates authority to an RTO manager

The Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 require that executive officers have sufficient authority to ensure the RTO complies with the Standards at all times. The RTO manager reports to the Principal and must have enough delegated authority to ensure compliance at all times. The school should consider the information provided regarding Obligations of school RTO Principals.

The RTO manager ensures compliance with the Standards

The proposed RTO manager must establish a system to manage the school RTO operations that ensures compliance with the legislated Standards.

The RTO manager must also implement an assessment system. This means having a coordinated set of documented policies and procedures (including assessment materials and tools) that ensure assessments are consistent with the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence contained in the Standards.

The RTO manager is also responsible for systematically monitoring the RTO's training and assessment strategies and practices and any services offered by the RTO .

To accomplish this the RTO manager will need a thorough working knowledge of the national VET system, including the national skills framework, which includes training Packages, the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the VET Quality Framework.

Some of the areas of responsibility delegated to the RTO manager may include:

  • ensuring compliance with Commonwealth legislation and regulatory requirements on a day to day basis
  • managing and ensuring the implementation of the policies and procedures for providing accurate and current information to QCAA (overseeing VET component of SDCS)
  • managing and ensuring that advertising, marketing and other information provided to students meets the requirements of Standards 4, 5 and Schedule 4 (VET component of the school website and all VET subject selection information)
  • notifying the QCAA about substantial changes to the school RTOs operations
  • systematically monitors the RTO's training and assessment strategies and practices to ensure ongoing compliance with Standard 1 (ensuring suitability of trainers, assessors and training and assessment strategies and practices)
  • managing and ensuring that all AQF certification documentation issued meets the requirements of this Standard and Schedule 5
  • managing and ensuring that Student Identifier Scheme (USI) requirements are being met
  • signing off written agreements for any third party services conducted on behalf of the school RTO and notifying the QCAA if the school enters into third party agreements
  • ensuring that the RTO staff and students are informed of any changes to legislative and regulatory requirements that affect the services delivered.

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Last updated: 6 March 2018

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