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The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority as delegate for the Australian Skills Quality Authority registers and audits Queensland school RTOs.

Appeal a QCAA VET registration and audit decision

School RTOs who are not satisfied with a decision made by QCAA as delegate for Australian Skills Quality Authority have the option to appeal the decision by contacting the Principal Education Officer (VET Compliance Operations) or VET Manager at The appeal must be made by the Principal or RTO manager holding a delegation from the Principal.

Application for reassessment of a QCAA position in relation to identified issues

What situations does reassessment apply to?

For a school RTO to request QCAA to reassess its position in relation to particular identified issues, the request must directly relate to a situation in which QCAA has identified issues that the school RTO needs to address. This includes the following situations:

  • making a decision to change the RTO’s scope of registration
  • varying or removing a condition imposed on the RTO’s registration
  • lifting of applying suspension of the RTO’s registration.

School RTOs will be advised in writing by QCAA where an opportunity to request reassessment applies. Reassessment can only be sought in situations when an school RTO is required to take some action(s) before QCAA will take the types of decisions/actions listed above. As part of the reassessment process, QCAA will consider new evidence provided by applicants to demonstrate that the identified issues have been addressed.

Please contact the VET unit if you wish to apply for a reassessment of a position at or contact the Principal Education Officer (VET) on (07) 3864 0381.

How long will it take for the reassessment to be finalised?

QCAA will endeavour to complete the reassessment process in a timely manner. However, the time required to undertake the reassessment process will vary according to the volume of evidence that QCAA is required to reassess. You will receive written notice of the reassessment decision and the reasons for this decision.

Complaints about QCAA VET unit

Do not follow this process if you are not satisfied with a regulator decision. If this is the case, see 'Appeal a QCAA decision' above.

Complaints about Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority as delegate for Australian Skills Quality Authority must be received in writing and should be addressed to the Assistant Director of the Senior Assessment and Moderation Branch of the QCAA.

Complaints about Queensland school RTOs

The principal purpose of the QCAA accepting and managing complaints and reports about Queensland school RTOs under their delegation is to gather information to support compliance efforts and regulatory processes.

Complaints must be received in writing. However, before you can submit a complaint to the QCAA about a Queensland school RTO, you must have already completed the school RTO’s complaints process. All RTOs must have a publicly available complaints policy.

Complaints about Queensland school RTOs must be submitted in writing. The QCAA will send you written acknowledgement that it has received the complaint and may also contact you to request more information or evidence. In addition, an assessment on the complaint will be made to determine whether or not to accept the complaint as well as whether or not to refer you to another agency.

If the QCAA accepts the complaint, the information will be reviewed and risk assessed to decide on what to do with the information provided.  The QCAA respects both the privacy and natural justice considerations in handling complaints.  This means that complainants will be advised how their information was used in the regulatory process although in some instances the advice will not be detailed and the process can be lengthy.

Should a person be dissatisfied with a complaints investigation process, the person can raise their concerns by lodging a complaint about the QCAA VET unit as outlined above.

Application for reconsideration of a reviewable decision

A school RTO can request through ASQA to reconsider a reviewable decision made by the QCAA. The school RTO needs to inform QCAA in writing of this intention and then contact ASQA to commence this process. In this written notification you need to request the QCAA to place a stay on its decision until the reconsideration process has been completed. You will need to detail your reasons why this decision should be place on hold. This action is subject to ASQA’s schedule and fee and charges and school RTOs are responsible for all costs involved during or incurred as a result of this process.

Prior to commencing this action, school RTOs are strongly advised to read the information about reviewable decisions, available from the ASQA website. Only ‘reviewable decisions’ as specified in section 199 of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 can be reconsidered by ASQA.

Please refer to the ASQA website for further information about the reconsideration process.


The national vocational education and training system sets clear expectations for registered training organisations (RTOs) to take responsibility for the quality of their qualifications and services. However, from time to time Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority as delegate for the Australian Skills Quality Authority may identify instances of non-compliance, and if these are not rectified within a stated period, the RTO may attract a sanction or penalty. For more information regarding this, refer to the Enforcement section of the ASQA website.

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Email or telephone (07) 3864 0381.

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