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9.2 Study plan approval (2019 Applied syllabuses)

Schools offering a 2019 Applied syllabus require a QCAA-approved study plan. Schools create and submit study plans in the Study Plan application via the QCAA Portal. QCAA officers review and approve study plans.

Study plans outline student learning and assessment for a four-unit course of study. They are each school’s plan of how the course of study will be delivered and assessed based on the relevant Applied syllabus. To be approved, the study plan must meet syllabus requirements. To plan the course of study, schools use the syllabus and the Study plan requirements resource available in the Syllabuses application via the QCAA Portal.

When implementing an Applied subject, schools must submit a study plan for approval in the first year the course is being implemented, by the date published in the SEP calendar. Any amendments required to an existing course should also be submitted by this date. For emergent circumstances after this date, schools should contact the Quality Assurance Unit at or phone 3864 0375.

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