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Supporting children's transition to Prep

Matt McCartney
Kindergarten teacher

Transition statements are a key element in our collaboration with schools as we work with them to support positive transitions.

Teacher perspective: Benefits of using the KTS application

Matt McCartney

I think the benefits of the application are that it provides an accessible framework that’s easy to use and it also facilitates that sort of shared language that we use in our collaboration with colleagues.

The application links explicitly with the Queensland kindergarten learning guidelines, which provides that consistent link between the learning and development in the program and the language that we’re using with the families and schools. The application makes the sharing of this information with the schools so much more efficient.

We find the key to managing the transition statement process is setting clear goals in terms of the timeframe for which we want to have our statements completed, allowing enough time for us to have consultation with families and also to be able to share it with the schools, so that they can use the statements to support their transition process.

The end of the year is a really busy time for families, so we intentionally decided to take one step of the consent process and include it into our enrolment process, so that we had that clear consent from families to produce the statements on the application.

We provide families with really clear information from the QCAA around the transition statement process and the online application, and we’ve found that we’ve had really positive feedback from families.

A parent perspective

Jacqui Barfoot

I feel really confident about the kindy using the online platform to do the transition statement and share it. It made it easy for me to provide consent.I looked into how the information is stored and I feel really comfortable that it’s stored confidentially and it’s only shared with the teachers that need access to that information.

My son Jasper is excited about starting school, and I feel he’s ready after his kindy year.

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