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Transition statements: Building partnerships

The purpose of this professional learning is to create an opportunity for teachers and staff to view and discuss the information provided on building partnerships and how this relates to the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline (QKLG).

Suggested time for this task is 30 minutes.

Download and print a copy of Reflecting on transition statements: Building partnerships. You will also need a copy of the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline ( QKLG ).


Kathy Johns
Head of Special Education Program

Transition to school from the child’s perspective is a really important one because if it's managed effectively it means for the child that they can start school in a positive way — because they feel safe, they are aware of what's going to happen, they are familiar with the environment and there are no nasty surprises — and this helps with their anxiety. Because parents are already anxious enough about their child going to big school, so it's really important to be able to effectively communicate those ideas to the student … so they are well prepared.

Jo Gosney
Director/Kindergarten teacher

With the transition to school we find out which schools the children are going to. Then we go to the schools and take photos of their classrooms, the amenities block… We find out what other children are going to the school as well; we buddy them up with them to start school with.

Cathy Declik

This was one of the most difficult things for me to do — because I guess when you have a child with special needs you like them to be part of a so-called normal school and just to experience what everybody else has experienced. So I decided to take myself on a journey and go and look at a few schools that were in my local area … and then just the feel that I got from some of the schools. Or maybe it could have been a statement that they had made to me, it may not have sat — it just didn't sit well with me sometimes.

Leanne Hunter
Co-Director /Kindergarten teacher

Supporting children's transition to school, I think the initial thing is to acknowledge that parents are their children's advocates and they're the conduit for their child's ongoing learning.

Aside from that, transition statements are something new for us, that we're working on. And these statements are going to be given to families who may then choose to share that information with the schools. And we feed into a really big number of schools in our area so what we’ve – what we're working on is to give the schools some information about that they [transition statements] exist. And that parents may choose to share their transition statement with them [schools], and this just supports children's ongoing learning.

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