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School access to kindergarten transition statements


To support children transitioning to Prep, schools can access transition statements in the Kindergarten Transition Statement application.

The application is a free online tool for creating and sharing transition statements that are consistent in length and aligned to the QKLG learning and development areas.

Kindergarten services are responsible for:

  • obtaining consent from parents and carers to create and share a transition statement using the application
  • inviting the parent or carer to read the transition statement before consenting to share it
  • retaining both forms for their records.

Consenting to create or share transition statements is not compulsory. Only transition statements with consent can be viewed in the application.

Accessing the QCAA Portal and the Kindergarten Transition Statement application


To access transition statements in the application, the school's Access Management Organisation Administrator will need to log in to the QCAA Portal and allocate the role of Kindergarten Transition Statement — Kindergarten Viewer to staff who need to see the statements.

Downloading transition statements


Access Administrators log in to the QCAA Portal to manage access for others.

Staff assigned to the role of Kindergarten Viewer can log in to the QCAA Portal and download transition statements for students enrolled in Prep at their school. On the Portal home page, select the Kindergarten Transition Statement tile.

To access transition statements assigned to the school, click Statements.

Check the list of transition statements against your enrolment information. You may only download statements for children enrolled at your school. The privacy notification on screen reminds you of this responsibility.

Schools may choose to download all transition statements assigned to them by selecting the box at the top of the column. Any transition statements for children not enrolled at the school can then be deselected from the list.

Alternatively, schools may choose to download transition statements by Prep class. Select the statements for each child in the desired Prep class by using the check boxes next to their names.

Only statements with consent to share can be downloaded. Consent is indicated in these columns.

Once statements have been selected, click Download selected statements.

The statements will take time to collate and download, a confirmation email will be sent when the files are ready. This may take 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the file.

When the email confirmation is received, return to the QCAA Portal to access the transition statements.

Click Download requested statements and a zip file will open. Highlight the transition statement files then click and drag the statements to a designated folder.

Transition statements for children enrolled at the school that do not appear in the assigned statements list can be accessed using the search function.

To search for transition statements, click Search.

The search home page explains responsibilities for conducting searches and interpreting search results.

Schools need four points of mandatory data to search for a transition statement. They are:

  1. the name of the kindergarten service
  2. the child’s given name as it appears on their birth certificate
  3. the child’s family name as it appears on their birth certificate
  4. the child’s date of birth.

Enter the data and click Search.

Transition statements with consent to share will have a blue View link. Click View to open the transition statement. It can then be printed or saved.

Consent to discuss the statement appears in the Contact kindergarten column, which shows Available if consent has been given. Contact details for the kindergarten service are on the statement.

See the search results information for further details.

An error may appear if a transition statement cannot be found.

First, check that all data entered is correct.

If the error persists, the child’s transition statement was not created using the application.

When will statements be available?


Kindergarten teachers are required to complete transition statements in November. This is when they will be available for schools.

Finding more information


For more information about kindergarten transition statements, go to the QCAA website.

Click on the Kindergarten tab and select Supporting children’s transition to school. Examples of transition statements written by kindergarten teachers can be found in Writing transition statements.

Additional information on transition from kindergarten to school is also available on the Prep to Year 10 page in the Transition to school section.

Contact the QCAA


If you have questions about transition statements, get in touch with the QCAA using the details on the screen

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