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Kindergarten Transition Statement application: Kindergarten FAQs

QCAA Portal access

Access to the KTS application is through the QCAA Portal. Log in to the QCAA Portal and click on the Kindergarten Transition Statement tile.

Kindergarten services must complete the Kindergarten Access Management Administrator: Request form to have a QCAA Portal account created for their kindergarten service.

No. While you remain at the same service, you do not need to submit the form again.

You will only need to submit a new request form if you move to a new kindergarten service and need administrator access.

Passwords can be reset on the QCAA Portal login page by selecting reset your password. You can also email Client Services at or phone (07) 3864 0299.

The KTS application in the QCAA Portal can be accessed on a desktop, laptop or iPad, using Chrome or Firefox. For best viewing on an iPad, hold it in landscape orientation. Please refer to the QCAA Portal technical help page for more information.

You should use the most up-to-date version of one of the browsers listed below:

  • Chrome 42+
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
  • Firefox 37+
  • Safari 8+

Using these supported browsers enables the QCAA Portal and all KTS application functions to operate efficiently. Please refer to the QCAA Portal technical help page for more information.

Access Administrators

The Access Administrator manages the use of the KTS application by:

  • creating accounts for kindergarten staff who will be writing transition statements
  • revoking roles of staff who leave the kindergarten service
  • uploading the service logo to appear on the transition statements.

Where possible, to relieve the administration role of kindergarten staff writing transition statements, the director or educational leader of the kindergarten service should have the role of Access Administrator.

Where possible, two Access Administrators are recommended.


When completing the Kindergarten Access Management Administrator: Request form, select the Access Management Kindergarten Administrator box and select a role for the KTS application (Editor, Submitter, Delegate or Director). Each of these roles can write statements. Their other functions are explained in the request form to support decision-making about which role is appropriate for you.

The second Access Administrator revokes the roles of the person who has left the kindergarten service. A new Access Administrator can be established by completing the Kindergarten Access Management Administrator: Request form.

Using the KTS application

This is an issue related to the device being used. Log in to the Portal application on a different device and enter text in the Child as a learner section.

Absent days are entered when a transition statement progresses to submit. Until the transition statement is submitted, absent days will be identified as unspecified.

The duplicate learner message alerts you to an existing transition statement record with the same learner details so you can make a judgment about whether to continue creating a new statement for that learner or not. You can continue to create a new statement for that learner by completing all details in Step 1 and clicking Next.

If you have changed kindergarten services, ask the Access Administrator of your new service to use the Find people function to search for your QCAA Portal account and add a role to your profile. This will activate an account for you in your new service. You will keep the same login details.

Transition statements can be started at a time determined appropriate by your organisation or kindergarten service. Where possible, this should take place in a timeframe that will provide the most up-to-date information about the child's learning and development in November of their kindergarten year.

The Department of Education requires kindergarten services to use the KTS application to complete transition statements in November. Where parents/carers do not provide consent to create a transition statement using the application, services will use the kindergarten transition statement template. Transition statements are completed for each eligible child in the approved kindergarten program. Please see the department’s Funding essentials for long day care providers and Funding essentials for sessional kindergartens information for further details.

Transition statements for children with approved early entry to school cannot be completed in the KTS application. The kindergarten transition statement template should be used for these children.

If a PDF does not open when you click Draft PDF or PDF, it may be that PDF generation is blocked on your device. You can try the following tips to resolve this:

  • check you are using a browser or device that supports QCAA Portal access. Please refer to the QCAA Portal technical help page for more information.
  • disengage pop-up blockers
  • clear your cache
  • change browser settings to open PDFs through Adobe rather than the browser.


Classes must be set up by staff with the Director or Delegate role by clicking on the Classes tab. The classes function allows staff with Editor or Submitter roles to view only the statements they create on their summary page. Directors or Delegates must set the toggle to ‘Yes’ for the class view to operate.

See the Classes Help guide in the QCAA Portal.

Transition statements from a previous cohort year can be accessed using the cohort archiving function. On the transition statement summary page, click the Cohort drop down menu and select the relevant year. Statements from that year will be displayed on the summary page for you to access.

To change the service email address appearing on your transition statement, you will need to update your service email address via the ‘My Services’ section in the NQAITS. Your details will then update in the QCAA Portal and be applied to your transition statements.

For more information on accessing and using the NQAITS, please refer to the ACECQA website.

Enrolment and attendance information provides background context for understanding children's learning, development and participation in the kindergarten program to support their transition to school.

This is the month the child started the approved and funded program for the year the transition statement is being written.

Days enrolled refers to the total number of days a child was enrolled in the kindergarten program for the year.

To calculate enrolled days, apply either of the following formulas:

  • number of days enrolled per week x number of weeks in the kindergarten program
  • number of days enrolled per fortnight x number of fortnights in the kindergarten program.

The number of kindergarten program weeks in a year is 40 weeks, or 20 fortnights, as identified in the Queensland Government information About approved kindergarten programs.

A full day absent applies when a child has not attended the kindergarten program on an enrolled day. You will be asked to enter absent days when you click submit.

The consent to create form provides the kindergarten service with parent/carer permission to write a transition statement using the KTS application in the QCAA Portal. Services must have consent to create before they begin creating transition statements in the application.

The consent to share form provides the service permission to act on behalf of the parent/carer and share the transition statement with the child's school. This applies to sharing via the QCAA Portal or as a hard copy in cases where the kindergarten transition statement template has been used to write a transition statement.

Due to varying personal and legal situations, individual services need to determine the best approach for their context to manage consent to share for parents/carers who may be separated.


The application allows you to select 'no consent'. Schools will be able to see a transition statement has been submitted but is not available to view. The school may ask the parent/carer to provide a copy.


Parent/carer and child contributions are recorded by the teacher in the Suggestions for continuity section of the transition statement.

Parents/carers can identify the school their child is enrolled at on the consent to share form, if known.

When a transition statement is submitted, a prompt will appear to enter a child’s school if known and the statement will be assigned to the identified school list.

If the school is unknown, this can be selected, and the statement will be accessible through the manual search.

Schools can access a list of all transition statements assigned to their school or, manually search for individual transition statements in the QCAA Portal using four pieces of information:

  • kindergarten service name — the KTS application will provide a drop-down list of QCAA Portal registered kindergarten services to match what is typed
  • child’s given name — this is the child’s other/Christian name as it appears on the birth certificate
  • child’s family name — this is the child’s surname as it appears on the birth certificate
  • child’s date of birth.

It is important for kindergarten services to ensure transition statements are created using the correct child details in order for schools to search transition statements successfully.

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