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Year 7 Science sample assessment - Why do the seasons change?

Image source: QCAA

This sample assessment is based on previous versions of the Australian Curriculum.

Why do the seasons change?


Humans have used predictable changes in the seasons throughout history to measure time, predict the weather and plan events.

This assessment builds on students' knowledge of the Earth's place in the solar system from the Year 5 Earth and space sciences and provides them with the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the relative positions and movements of the sun and Earth that create various patterns in time and space.

Students will:

  • use credible sources to research information
  • construct scientific explanations for observations about the Earth
  • develop representations to support their explanations
  • draw a conclusion about the predictability of the seasons.

Written: Research


  • Teacher guidelines
  • Student booklet
  • Task-specific standards: Continua
  • Task-specific standards: Matrix
  • Sample response
  • Assessment resource: Reliability checklist

Download the full assessment (contains the documents as Word files):

Sample student response

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