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Year 1 Science sample assessment - How do musical instruments make sound?

Image: Musical Instrument display in The Victoria and Albert Museum-London, England by Gail Frederick / CC BY 2.0

This sample assessment is based on previous versions of the Australian Curriculum.

How do musical instruments make sound?


In this assessment children investigate the production of sound and develop an understanding of how sound can be altered.

They will have the opportunity to participate in a guided investigation to:

  • use their senses to investigate different ways instruments are played
  • identify the part/s of an instrument that vibrate when producing sound
  • explore ways to change the sound produced by instruments
  • sort instruments into groups based on what vibrates
  • create a grouping criteria to sort instruments based on the action used to play the instrument or the sound produced by the instrument
  • explain the decisions they made to group the instruments.

Spoken and/or written Guided experimental investigation


  • Student booklet
  • Teacher guidelines
  • Task specific standards - matrix
  • Task specific standards - continua
  • Assessment resource: Unusual musical instruments
  • Assessment resource: Word walls
  • Assessment resource: Powerpoint presentation
  • Assessment resource: Example of a grouping table

Download the full assessment (contains the documents as Word files):

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