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Year 3 Science sample assessment - Cool it!

Image source: _SAM2557.jpg by Theo Clark / CC BY 2.0

This sample assessment is based on previous versions of the Australian Curriculum.

Cool it!


Insulators can be used to prevent heat transfer. In this assessment, students will investigate the best material to prevent the change of state of solid water (ice) to liquid water.

The assessment provides opportunities for students to demonstrate science inquiry skills. They will:

  • make predictions
  • conduct an investigation
  • record results
  • explain results
  • apply science knowledge to a real-life situation.

Written: Experimental investigation


  • Teacher guidelines
  • Student booklet
  • Task-specific standards: Continua
  • Task-specific standards: Matrix
  • Assessment resource 1: Sample response
  • Assessment resource 2: Scientific inquiry process

Download the full assessment (contains the documents as Word files):

Sample student response

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