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SunLANDA is a software application for schools to assist with the analysis of NAPLAN data. It was designed by the Analysis and Evaluation Branch of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).

Existing users

Update SunLANDA – now!

Schools need to update their current versions of SunLANDA.
Before starting the update process, make sure that your existing version of SunLANDA is closed.

  • Update SunLANDA v1.3 (EXE, 31.1 MB)
  • Click on the link above and choose the “Save file” option to save the installer in your chosen directory
  • To run the installer, double-click on the file that you have saved.

This update of SunLANDA serves two important purposes for schools.

  1. Some schools have encountered problems with loading the data for the 2010 Year 7 Numeracy Calculator book. The problem has been corrected with this update. In addition, those schools with Year 7 students that are experiencing problems with Year 7 data will need to download and re-load the 2010 specifications file and student data file.

  2. An added feature of this update enables schools to produce their own printable PDF versions of class reports (currently at the “beta” testing stage). To access this new feature in SunLANDA, click on File, and select “Create PDF report”. Choose a directory for saving this report. Click “Save” for generating the report.

New users

User manual and video guides

A user's manual is available for download, which provides clear and simple instructions for use.

These videos demonstrate the features of the online version of SunLANDA and the ways you can subset and sort students and their responses.

Download SunLANDA

Download, select a directory in which to save the SunLANDA program and files, and run the installer.

Mac versions can be downloaded by following the links below. Unzip the contents to the desired location and run the "SunLANDA" application.

Current specification files

So that SunLANDA can read data relating to student results, you must first download and install the relevant year's specifications file. When data for each test year are released, a new specifications file will be available and will need to be downloaded.

The file needs to be unzipped.

  1. Double-click this file, which will open a zip handling utility
  2. From the zip handling utility window (e.g. WinZip), "drag and drop" the xxxx.sun file into your selected directory
  3. From within SunLANDA, click File > Read specifications file and select the xxxx.sun file from its directory location
  4. Follow the steps for importing as outlined in the user manual.

Sample data

SunLANDA contains sample data that teachers can use to familiarise themselves with the program. In order for SunLANDA to read this sample data, the 2009 specifications file (ZIP, 14.0 KB) must first be downloaded and imported.

If schools prefer to use their own student information, the data are imported into SunLANDA using the files (.csv) which are sent to schools through the QCAA 's secure website.

If you have problems or enquiries, email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Last updated: 4 January 2016

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