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Year 8 English sample assessment - Unlocking the power in poetry

Image source: Poetry: This was once the Carlton meat locker but poetry lives there now by V.H. Hammer / CC BY 2.0

This sample assessment is based on previous versions of the Australian Curriculum.

Unlocking the power in poetry


Students select and respond to aspects of a poem by an Aboriginal poet or Torres Strait Islander poet in a blog set up by the teacher as an interactive communal space for thoughtful analysis and discussion of a range of poetry by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander poets.

Student blogging takes the form of a series of entries in response to questions relating to the ïwhat' and ïhow' of poetry with the ïhow' questions focusing on evaluative language. Entries include both visual representations and written analysis.

Multimodal (written, visual): Analytical text, Digital text



  • Teacher guidelines (includes cover page)
  • Student booklet
  • Task-specific standards: Continua
  • Task-specific standards: Matrix
  • Assessment resource: Evaluative language

Download the full assessment (contains the documents as Word files):

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