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Year 2 English sample assessment - Making damper on Australia Day

Image source: QCAA

This sample assessment is based on previous versions of the Australian Curriculum.

Making damper on Australia Day


Children in Year 2 engage with a range of types of text in their daily lives. Such an awareness of text structure and language and textual features within texts is an important skill for children to develop.

In this assessment children:

  • come to understand how similar texts share common characteristics and how language works to provide information
  • develop their writing skills through being able to manipulate text structure and language features to write for a specific purpose and audience
  • demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of information texts in a range of ways including a presentation about a food for an event or occasion.

This assessment is designed to be conducted over a number of sessions. Instructions of each section and individual components within sections should be read and clearly explained to children.

Multimodal presentation: Informative text


  • Teacher guidelines (includes cover page)
  • Student booklet
  • Task-specific standards: Continua
  • Task-specific standards: Matrix
  • Assessment resource: Text structure
  • Assessment resource: Presentation planner
  • Assessment resource: Report checklist
  • Assessment resource: Sample response

Download the full assessment (contains the documents as Word files):

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