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LOTE (2000) sourcebook modules

Sourcebook modules provide teachers with a range of learning and teaching ideas. Teachers are encouraged to modify modules to meet the specific needs and interests of particular groups of students and individual students, their own needs and the learning environment.

The sourcebook modules are available on the CD-ROM and include links to the syllabus, sourcebook guidelines and initial in-service materials. They are designed to help teachers plan, prepare, implement and assess a sequence of learning. Most modules include resource sheets to support the outlined tasks.

The modules also include an audio recording of suggested teacher language spoken by native speakers of the target language to provide models of vocabulary and language structures appropriate to the topic.

Generic module outlines and unit overviews are available on this website as PDF files for the following modules.

Please note that these PDFs do not include the resources, examples of teacher language and detailed notes provided on the CD-ROMs. Any hyperlinks within the PDFs will also not function.

For access to these additional resources, please email

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Legend: Middle primary = Yrs 4 & 5 = Levels 1 & 2; Upper primary = Yrs 6 & 7 = Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4; Lower secondary = Yrs 8 & 9 = Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6; Lower secondary+ = Yr 10 = Levels 3, 4, 5, 6 & 6+

Middle primary Upper primary Lower secondary Lower secondary+
Personal and community life
Local community (PDF, 20.5 KB) Community celebrations (PDF, 35.0 KB) Buy, buy, buy (PDF, 22.7 KB) Future prospects (PDF, 25.9 KB)
At my place  (PDF, 24.6 KB) Family life (PDF, 24.9 KB) Something to wear (PDF, 22.6 KB) Relationships (PDF, 30.2 KB)
I'm an individual (PDF, 30.2 KB) Famous people (PDF, 28.2 KB) Getting together (PDF, 22.1 KB)  
Leisure and recreation
Weekend fun (PDF, 22 kB) Hanging out with friends (PDF, 26 kB) Healthy eating (PDF, 23 kB) Leisure in the past, present and future (PDF, 31 kB)
Games we play (PDF, 22 kB) School camp (PDF, 33 kB) Music (PDF, 25 kB) Music matters (PDF, 31 kB)
Mini-Olympics (PDF, 20 kB) Television (PDF, 25 kB) Anyone for sport? (PDF, 27 kB)  
The natural world
Insects (Lifecycle) (PDF, 27 kB) Animals at home (PDF, 26 kB) The importance of water (PDF, 23 kB) Disasters (PDF, 30 kB)
Introduced animals (PDF, 21 kB) The outback (PDF, 26 kB) Endangered species (PDF, 21 kB) Living in a greenhouse (PDF, 24 kB)
Night and day (PDF, 26 kB) Weather (PDF, 29 kB) National parks (PDF, 22 kB)  
The built world
Community buildings (PDF, 24 kB) Home sweet home (PDF, 42 kB) Living on the moon (PDF, 21 kB) It's wonderful (PDF, 25 kB)
Kid's retreats (PDF, 29 kB) Famous structures (PDF, 39 kB) Inventions (PDF, 22 kB) Big cities of the world (PDF, 26 kB)
Past and present (PDF, 25 kB) Transport (PDF, 44 kB) Graffiti (PDF, 20 kB)  
The international world
Eating around the world (PDF, 21 kB) Making contact (PDF, 43 kB) Scavenger hunt (PDF, 23 kB) Neighbours (PDF, 23 kB)
Seasons around the world (PDF, 21 kB) Meeting other cultures (PDF, 49 kB) Imports and exports (PDF, 27 kB) Great thinkers (PDF, 23 kB)
Culturally diverse communities (PDF, 22 kB) Around the world (PDF, 42 kB) Overseas visitors (PDF, 22 kB)  
The imaginative world
Folktales (PDF, 18 kB) Fun with books (PDF, 51 kB) Have a good read (PDF, 24 kB) Legends (PDF, 23 kB)
Fantasy cooking (PDF, 25 kB) Fabled characters (PDF, 40 kB) Variety show (PDF, 23 kB) If I could change the world (PDF, 26 kB)
Imaginary creatures (PDF, 22 kB) Enchanted places (PDF, 41 kB) Being creative (PDF, 22 kB)
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