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Technology objects are primary sources for learning how technological developments have changed and had an impact on people's lives over time. Children inquire about how objects from the past have changed and developed over time. They compare similar objects from the past and the present to describe how technology has influenced the ways people have lived, worked and played over time.They will:

  • pose questions about the past using sources provided
  • compare objects from the past to the present
  • answer questions using sources provided
  • present a historical narrative as a speech that describes how technology has changed over time and impacted on people's lives.

Multimodal: Guided research


  • Teacher guidelines (includes cover page)
  • Student booklet 
  • Task-specific standards: Continua
  • Task-specific standards: Matrix
  • Teacher resource: Technology objects from the past
  • Teacher resource: Changing technologies
  • Assessment resource: Question starter grid
  • Assessment resource: Historical inquiry questions

Download the full assessment (contains the documents as Word files):

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