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Rationale: Work Studies F-10 curriculum

Work has intrinsic value and is a fundamental part of everyday life. It fosters human dignity, independence and a sense of personal worth. It is recognised as a right of all people.

In an increasingly globalised world, the nature of work is changing and the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to engage with the emerging challenges and opportunities differ from those of the past. The Australian Curriculum: Work Studies, Years 9–10 concentrates on the capacities individuals need for full and effective participation in life, learning and work.

The curriculum helps young people plan for and shape their future and make a contribution to the wider community by providing them with the essential knowledge, understanding and skills for participation in the rapidly changing world of work.

Students begin preparation for the working world by developing understanding of themselves in relation to work, recognising their aspirations, their rights and responsibilities as workers, as well as employer expectations and the diversity of work opportunities. They learn to understand what work is, how and why it is changing and what this means for their future in working for others or themselves. They engage with the career management processes needed to adapt to multiple transitions in work and life, and use opportunities to transfer their developing knowledge, understanding and skills to a range of work-related contexts and projects.

Through exposure to work-related learning, students develop the self-knowledge, contemporary work skills and entrepreneurial behaviours and resilience necessary to thrive in the 21st century. They appreciate the role of collaboration, creativity and analytical skills in workplaces and the importance of cultural diversity and ethical practices.

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