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The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) P–10 Australian Curriculum newsletter provides current curriculum information, and highlights the range of resources and professional learning opportunities the QCAA provides to support curriculum implementation.

Professional development

Webinars to support implementation of P–6 Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

Learning area overview Prep -10 Australian Curriculum: P-6 Humanities and Social Sciences

The QCAA, in partnership with Michele Davis, lead writer for the Australian Curriculum: P–6 Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), is delivering webinars for primary teachers.

These webinars will explore:

  • changes to the Australian Curriculum: HASS for Prep to Year 2, Years 3–4 and Years 5–6
  • planning and applying HASS knowledge in a school context
  • resources to support implementing HASS across Prep–Year 6.

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Literacy and numeracy workshops

A new series of statewide literacy and numeracy workshops are in development for Semester 2, 2017. The workshops are designed to support schools in improving student achievement by combining current research with hands-on activities, strategies and resources that can be put to immediate use in the classroom. Workshop topics are based on areas of need identified in statewide data. For Semester 2, the topics will include:


  • motivating students to engage with writing in Prep–Year 2
    Helping students to establish positive attitudes towards writing and to develop self-confidence as writers is critical in the early years. This workshop explores research and practical strategies for beginning and developing writing skills, with strategies you can use to encourage students to engage with writing in the early years.
  • extending writing skills in Years 7–9
    Research shows that students' writing skills dip as they reach junior secondary level, which is evident in the Queensland NAPLAN results. This workshop builds on the reading–writing connection and provides practical strategies to extend students' writing skills for different audiences and purposes, including on-demand environments, extended writing and creating digital texts.


  • building confidence with numbers in Prep–Year 2
    This workshop offers strategies for developing students' confidence and understanding of number concepts and their use of manipulatives and models. The workshops will explore a range of research-based pedagogies and strategies to support all students, including those with disability and those who will benefit from extra scaffolding for success.
  • making measurement meaningful in Years 3–6
    This workshop offers a practical approach to making measurement meaningful so that students can develop their confidence and proficiency. It focuses on the key concepts of length, area, volume and capacity, and will provide strategies that promote understanding of, and skills in, estimating and measuring to compare quantities.

K–10 custom-designed professional learning

The QCAA provides competitively priced, custom-designed professional learning tailored to the needs of your school or cluster. Some examples of topics the QCAA can deliver include:

  • Australian Curriculum: planning and assessment and learning areas
  • literacy across phases of learning
  • numeracy across phases of learning
  • early years.

To discuss the opportunity to design a workshop specific to your needs, please complete and submit a request for professional development services form.

Building a culture: Curriculum and assessment in Special Schools conference

Date claimer for your diaries!

The QCAA is offering a full-day conference in Brisbane on the student-free day 16 October 2017.

The Building a culture: Curriculum and assessment in Special Schools conference will focus on using the Prep–Year 10 Australian Curriculum to plan for teaching, learning and assessment in special schools. Concurrent sessions will provide practical, hands-on strategies and resources that cater for students with disability.

Book review

Image result for teaching writing in today's classrooms

Teaching Writing in Today's Classrooms is a comprehensive reflection on effective writing pedagogy over the past 40 years, with contributions from educators in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The text revisits critical milestones in the history of writing and explores 21st-century writing practices such as multimodality, creativity, diversity and digital technologies.

The three sections explore effective writing pedagogies that underpin current and future classroom practice; contemporary writing instruction and classroom experiences; and the issues and pedagogy that will inform future writing instruction. This reflection on past, present and future writing practices is both informative and inspiring for teachers.

Turbill, J, Barton, G & Brock, C 2015, Teaching Writing in Today's Classrooms: Looking back to look forward, Australian Literacy Educators' Association, Norwood, SA.

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