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Prep English sample assessment

Unit details

Unit title: Picture book author study

Timing and duration: Term 4, 6 weeks

Assessment overview

Assessment title: Narrative recount of Nick Bland’s The Very Cranky Bear or The Very Itchy Bear.

Context: In Term 4, students have read picture books and stories that present a point of view. They have written short persuasive texts experimenting with persuasive language features, including 'strong' words or commands. In this task, students recount a familiar picture book, draw pictures, sequence the events in the book, and write a statement to describe a time when they felt a similar emotion or had a similar experience to the main character.

Technique and formats: Extended response: Imaginative — recount, pictorial representation and short statement.

Modes and conditions:

  • Part A: Oral recount
    • ­ supervised
    • ­ images from text provided to students requiring guidance to retell the story orally
  • Part B: Pictorial representation — supervised
  • Part C: Short statement and pictorial representation
    • ­ supervised
    • ­ lined paper and blank box provided

Assessment date: Term 4, Week 6.


A ZIP file of all Prep English sample assessment resources will be available.


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