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Version: 17.2f
Released: 8 November 2017

You should always upgrade to the latest SDCS software when new versions are released. To determine which versions you currently have installed, open SDCS and from the "Help" menu, choose "About".

Installation process

  1. Backup – open your existing version of SDCS and from the "File" menu, select "Backup". The new installation does not overwrite student data, but it's good practice to make a backup before commencing. Make sure you exit SDCS after creating the backup.

  2. Download the latest SDCS software (see above). Your web browser should allow you to save the file to disk in the directory you select. We suggest you use a temporary directory, e.g. C:\TMP\.

  3. Open Windows Explorer or File Manager, navigate to the directory and open the file. It will automatically expand and begin installation.

As installation proceeds, you will be prompted for the "Destination directory". Choose one of the options below.


SDCS is designed to operate in a stand-alone environment. While it may function in some network environments, it is unsupported beyond these install instructions. Note that even in a networked environment, only one user can be logged in to SDCS at any time.

To install onto a network:

  1. Type in the network directory
  2. Click the "Next" button to continue.

Local computer

To install onto the computer you are running setup from:

  1. Click the "Next" button to continue
  2. Accept the default option.

After installation

View the README file.

When a Windows program group for SDCS is created on your computer, installation is complete.

To start SDCS, click on the SDCS icon.

You can find out if the installation was successful by checking the software version –
open SDCS and from the "Start" menu, choose "About".

Last updated: 8 November 2017

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