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SDCS — Student Data Capture System

The Student Data Capture System (SDCS) is the data collection system for schools to report student details - including enrolments and assessments - to the QCAA.

SDCS captures information for students in the Senior Phase of Learning – which may be for Years 10-12.

Information captured by QCAA is used to:

  • bank enrolments and learning achievements in learning accounts for the QCE
  • issue the Queensland Certificate of Education, Senior Statements and Statements of Results, Tertiary Entrance Statement, and Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement
  • print VET Certificates and Statements of Attainment for schools which are RTOs
  • report school level performance in national and state reports.

The SDCS allows your school to capture, update, and validate information for students in Years 10, 11 and 12, and provides facilities to:

  • maintain student details, enrolments and results in Authority subjects, Authority-registered subjects and VET
  • create, display, and print student assessment records
  • create, display, and print subject/class reports
  • validate student information
  • create, display, and print the distribution of subject achievement indicators
  • enter, display, and print your school's proposals for levels of achievement
  • record achievement of VET units of competency and qualifications
  • import information from other systems
  • export information to other systems.


The SCHOOLSDCS role is required to upload SDCS data submissions to QCAA. Access to the QCAA Secure Site is managed at the school level by the schools Organisational Administrator (ORGADMIN) role holders.

See Requesting access for more information about the Organisation Administrator (ORGADMIN) role.

Current version


Version: 17.2c
Released: 10 July 2017

More information

For help or further information, email or phone (07) 3864 0278.

Last updated: 12 April 2017

2017 due dates

  • Monday 13 February
    Enrolment data submission

  • Monday 20 March
    Data submission 1 + Temp visa student identification (Year 11 and Year 12)

  • Wednesday 26 April
    Data submission 1, version 2

  • Monday 29 May
    Data submission 2

  • Monday 17 July
    Data submission 2, version 2

  • Monday 21 August
    Data submission 2, version 3

  • Monday 9 October
    Data submission 3 + Form A13 (Agreement to publish SAIs)

  • Monday 20 November by 12:00 pm
    Data submission 4 + Class lists + Forms R6

  • Thursday 23 November by 10:00 am
    Data submission 5 + Forms R6 + Form 14 (Contact person during summer holidays)

  • Monday 4 December by 5:00 pm
    Final Amendments

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