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Enrichment courses of study are generally, although not exclusively, offered by organisations other than those offering Core or Preparatory courses of study.

In addition to VET qualification certificates, the QCAA recognises some accredited non-qualification VET courses, provided they meet specific conditions.

A maximum of 8 credits from Enrichment courses can contribute towards the QCE. The following table summarises Enrichment course options.

CourseSet standardCredits1

A maximum of 8 credits can contribute

Authority extension subjects2At least a Sound Level of Achievement

2 per subject

Career Development: A short course senior syllabus 2010At least a Sound Level of Achievement1
Recognised studies categorised as Enrichment learning, which may include:Agreed standardas recognised by QCAA
  • Accredited VET courses3
  • Passas recognised by QCAA
  • Awards and certificates
  • Agreed standardas recognised by QCAA
  • Learning projects4:
    Workplace, Community, Self-directed
  • Satisfactory1
  • School-based courses (non-QCAA)
  • Pass grade as defined by the recognised courseas recognised by QCAA
  • Structured workplace and community learning programs
  • Agreed standardas recognised by QCAA

    1Credits allocated for partially completed studies are detailed in Section 4.1 of the QCE handbook.

    2Current subjects available are English Extension 2011, French Extension 2009, German Extension 2009, Indonesian Extension 2009 and Music Extension 2008.

    3Currently the only accredited VET course recognised by the QCAA is 30953QLD Course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering for Senior School Students. The completed course contributes 4 credits.

    4See Section 3.8 of the QCE handbook for information on learning projects.

    Recognised certificates and awards

    Some certificates and awards in areas such as music, dance, drama, sport and community development can count as enrichment courses of study towards the QCE. For information on course recognition and a list of recognised programs see Recognised studies.

    Recognised structured workplace and community learning

    Programs developed and/or owned by community or workplace based-organisations that are recognised by the QCAA can count towards the QCE. For information on course recognition and a list of recognised programs see Recognised studies.

    Learning projects

    Students can design and undertake an independent and unique short program of learning that is separate from any established school, training or other educational program. See the Learning projects page for information about how to develop and submit a learning project for approval.

    On successful completion, a learning project contributes 1 credit towards the QCE.

    Authority extension subjects

    These two-semester courses contribute 2 credits towards a QCE when completed at a Sound level of achievement or higher. The QCAA currently has the following extension subjects available:

    School-based subjects

    Recognised school-based subjects are developed by schools but are not based on a QCAA syllabus or subject area syllabus (SAS). Schools must apply to the QCAA to have courses recognised (see Recognised studies for information on course recognition). A recognised 4-semester school-based subject contributes 4 credits towards a QCE.

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