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What is the QCS Test?

The Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test is a Queensland test, designed for Queensland students.

It is used to gather group results that provide a baseline for comparing groups of students across subjects and across schools. The test also provides an individual result for each student.

The test is held once each year, for a total of seven hours. In 2018, the test will be held on 4 and 5 September.

All Year 12 students have the right to sit the QCS Test. If your child is in Year 12 and is OP-eligible, they must sit the QCS Test.

What does the QCS Test assess?

This test does not directly assess any of the senior subject areas; instead, it assesses a range of curriculum elements, each identified as being common to several subjects across the curriculum. They are known as the common curriculum elements (CCEs). Since these are what will be assessed, it’s a good idea for students to review them before the test.

How can I help my child prepare for the test?

Because students work with the CCEs across their senior subjects, their real preparation for the QCS Test goes on every day in the classroom. But it is sensible for students to sit at least part of a past test, and revise some of the skills and processes that will be tested.

Schools generally organise practice sessions using past testpapers, but anyone can purchase hard copy testpapers for the past three years from the QCAA.

Alternatively, parents and students can download one of the Retrospective publications from our website. The retrospectives provide commentary on past QCS Test testpapers.

What happens if my child is sick on the days of the QCS Test?

The QCAA may approve an exemption for students who are ill on one or both days of the QCS Test and can provide the appropriate documentation, such as a medical certificate. The exemption allows a student to be absent from the QCS testpapers and remain eligible for an OP.

Are there any special provisions available?

The QCAA recognises that some students may be affected by a medical condition, impairment, or exceptional circumstances that may act as a barrier to their access to the test or to their demonstration of their achievement in the test. Special provision is available to help minimise such barriers.

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Last updated: 6 March 2018

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