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In Year 10, most schools work with students to develop a senior education and training (SET) plan.

Your involvement in helping your child make important decisions about their future education, training and employment is vital to the success of this plan.

What’s a SET plan?

A SET plan is a confidential document that a student develops, in consultation with their parents/carers and their school, to map their learning and career pathways.

What’s the purpose of a SET plan?

The purpose of a SET plan is to help students:

  • set and achieve their learning goals in Years 11 and 12
  • include flexible and coordinated pathway options in their course of senior study
  • think about their education, training and career options after Year 12 and make decisions about their learning pathways
  • structure their learning around their abilities, interests and ambitions
  • communicate with their parents, teachers and career guidance officers about their learning pathways and post-school plans.

In their SET plan, students will be able to list a variety of different learning pathways, some of which may be accessed outside the current formal structure of school. This provides more options and flexibility in learning.

What’s involved in developing a SET plan?

Each school has its own SET planning process. Your child’s school will make that process clear to you.

Once your child’s SET plan has been developed, you, your child and the other people involved in developing the plan should sign and date the plan to show agreement.

What happens next?

Parents are encouraged to stay involved in the SET planning process so you can support your child through their learning.

It is recommended that students review their SET Plan regularly to make sure their subjects and learning is right for them, and that they can maintain a pathway to the courses and career they want after Year 12.

Students can track their enrolments and results in their learning account on the Student Connect website.

As part of the transition to the new QCE System, QCAA is making changes to student learning accounts to incorporate new processes and procedures. Students in the 2018 Year 10 cohort may not be able to view full details in their learning account until early 2019. If required, students can request a transcript of enrolments and results from their school. If students want to change their subjects or courses, it is important that they discuss this with their school or other learning provider.

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Last reviewed: 1 July 2015

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